dh labs Q10 vs ps audio xstream plus or ???

im currently using ps audio xstream plus speaker cables. the set i have are really to long for my current set up. since im in the market, id like to step up a notch. i was thinking of the Q10's . a step up or a step sideways ? others in consideration are. analysis plus oval 9 , or acoustic zen satori. any thought or opinions would be helpful. thanks.
I don't know ps audio xstream but own satori shotgun, read reviews of oval 9
and bought as a gift for my brother biwired Q10. It is difficult to compare
because they represent different classes (and prices):

1. Satori - best. A little fuller lower midrange (perfect for my class D amp).
Neutral with silky and slightly rolled off highs. Very clean and coherent. Used
Satori runs around $250 (shotgun around $600). If you buy used one try to
find one with spades since bananas are getting loose and re-terminating isn't
easy (many isolated wires inside + 1 with tiny strands). In worst case sending
to Acoustic Zen to have it done ($25 per each installed spade) will be cheaper
than getting new one.

2. Oval 9. Good resolution, strong bass. Considered but decided against
(Satori is a better deal)

3. Q10 - neutral on the bright side. Might be a little unforgiving with bright
amp or speakers (brother has NAD and warm Cabasse Caprera). Inexpensive.
between q-10's and satori last year for a week.
the satori was a well burned-in 8' pair loaned from a dealer/friend, and the q-10's were brand new 6' pair.

the cables were tested with my system including quicksilver mini mite powered nola minis with a quicksilver line stage and apogee mini dac (various cdp's); i know, not the most expensive or exotic system but surprisingly resolute and detailed with the right tweaks and room treatment in my small (16'x12'x8') listening room.
music used was mostly classical instrumental (symphonies, concertos, string quartets, piano solos) and acoustic jazz.

my initial impression on the satori; sweet, rich, warm and slightly euphonic-a very slight yet nice upper-bass (around 100hz) bump. i also noticed a great 3-d rendition of instrumental timbre.
strings sounded especially nice, if a little too sweet.
steinway overtones and attacks were well communicated w/o sounding like yamaha.

what i did not get from satori was airy overtones and "breath" from instruments, especially jazz some saxophones and trumpets. for example, joe henderson's relaxed tenor sounded a bit like tina brooks' (a little honky with a typical bump around 700hz). kenny dorham's delicate and airy trumpet had too much brassy punch of freddie hubbard.

the similar characteristics were found in reproducing strings: pierre fournie sounded like janos stalker (with some exaggeration of course, but you get my drift).
as much as i liked the satori and enjoyed the excellent euphonic qualities, i just couldn't get over what i would describe as a "sacrifice of reality for the sake of audiophilia".

the q-10's sounded relatively bland at first, but the "breathiness" of the horns and the nervous bow noise over strings with (sometimes annoying) rosin friction were immediately restored, right out of the box.
this is not necessarily a pretty sound, but closer to the real instrumental sound. (fwiw, my wife is a violinist and i am a jazz musician. that's our full-time gig).
however, q-10 didn't quite get the piano as well as satori's, in terms of the complex percussive attacks and the depth of overtones.
on the other hand, q-10 bested satori on reproducing nylon and steel string guitars; better string to body balance. satori was a bit too "stringy" with acoustic guitars.

i ended up with q-10's despite (or because of) the general lack of sophistication (read: euphonic coloration, in both positive and negative senses) and "blandness"(neutrality, if you wiil).
throw the bang-for-the-buck factor, and it was a relatively easy choice for me with the given system and my musical/sonic preferences.

i have been enjoying the q-10 ever since and have not been looking for another speaker cable yet.
hope this helps a bit, but as they say your mileage may vary.
take your Q-10 to a new level through cryogenics...it's amazing what it did for mine. I even tried them against the MIT MA Magnum.