PS Audio Xstream Statement Speaker Cable

Anyone tried it? How was it?
I recently purchased the Statement bi wire. What a fantastic sounding cable. I have an increase in bass, the midrange is the sweetest I have ever heard, and the highs are silky smooth. The increase in soundstage is unbelievable. The performance increase these cables gave my system is equal to a major component upgrade. These cables are well worth the money. My old cables were Audioquest Dragon 2 ($4800). The Statement bi wire blew them away!!! I have recently sold my Dragon 2's on Audiogon, something I thought I would never do. The Xstream Statements just sound so much better I see no reason to keep them. My advice is give the PS Audio Statements a try.
I also put the X-Stream biwires into my system. I was shocked by the improvement. The amount of increased detal was disconcerting.The soundstage was wider & deeper. I actually had turn my REL Stadium II subwoofer down because of the increse in bass information. Try them free for 30 days & you will keep them.