Review: Audiomagic Xstream Power cord

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December issue

Invisible hair extensions/inexpensive power cord survey #3

Continuing with our inexpensive power cord survey i will be reviewing a classic power cord that some of you might already be familiar with. The audiomagic xstream power cord was introduced several years ago with a retail price of around $99. It comes in a very attractive maroon color with heavy duty molded ends on either side. The power cord uses 12 gauge double coated silver-over-copper conductors. Fit and finish is very nice and most audiophiles know that fashionable power cords are rare to find. I like this power cord because it offers good dynamics, and very good musicality with a neutral sound.

I listened to dire straits , "making movies", track number one. I heard neutral vocals , tight sound and good rhythm and timing. The sound was pretty clean with good levels of transparency.

Fans of 1960's blues singers might want to check out Marlena
Shaw's cd titled, "the spice of life". Track number two is titled, "call it stormy monday". On this track i noted moderate depth to the harmonica. I also noticed that the focus could be improved. The drums have a solid, well defined thump slightly behind the right speaker. The highs are slightly crisp, but could be cleaner. Vocals seem to be fairly accurate and there was no obvious coloration, but the sound was not quite as smooth as i would have liked.

I next listened to a superb recording by the incredible musician, Miles Davis. Saturday night at the blackhawk on the columbia/legacy label is a recording that no jazz lover should go without. On track number 5 i heard a realistic, full sounding applause at the start. The trumpet shows good presence, and at times seemingly jumps out from the left speaker. Percussion and drum work is pretty clean with a little bit of a "hall" sound. The sax has pretty good tone, sometimes with a slightly rounded quality. The piano is solid, bright and weighty.


slightly punchy sound
very good musicality
wide sound-stage
good dynamics
very attractive and well built power cord


System sensitive
Might sound dry in some systems.

The audiomagic xstream power cord is a very good starter audiophile power cord. I like the cool maroon color and it is nice to have the small molded connectors rather than the bulky connectors that are found on most power cords. I also like the fact that it is a reasonably pure and neutral power cord that doesn't seem to manipulate the sound. That plus the nice dynamic presentation makes it a very good buy on the used market for around $50.

Associated gear
arcam 8r with tweaks
denon dvd-1920
sommer ic
gallo acoustics speaker cable
teac LS-H65 speakers
paradigm speaker stands

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I use one with my two-channel analog setup. It's on my NSMT sub. It is by far the best I've had there. Most copper P/Cs make the bass indistinct. The silver-plated conductors provide deep bass with superb clarity and musicality in my system. Other P/Cs I've tried with my sub are Shunyata, Wireworld and a few others. It's also been listed on the Cary Audio site under accessories.