Dgital cable under 150.00.

I am looking for suggestions on a good digital cable to run between a Monarchy DIP and Valab DAC. I do not want to spend over 150.00.
The Apogee Wide-eye aes/ebu (XLR) cable is very good and can be found new for under $150 and used for under $50. Providing your dac has a balanced input you may be pleasantly surprised.
Unfortunatly it only has coaxial digital input.
Blue Jeans Cable. Signal Cable.
Empirical Design. You'll be very happy.
Wireworld Starlight 6, awesome for the money.
Used Stereovox XV2.
Two cables I like at that price level are the VH Audio cryo Pulsar and the Atlas Compass. I would also like to plug Joe Mazzaglia's cables. He has a digital interconnect now and if it is as good value as his interconnects it is a real winner.

Do make sure you get a cable that is 1.5m long. The length won't make a lot of difference to the price but in most systems it makes a very positive difference to the coherence of the music.
Analysis Plus is VERY good in this range used...
check out Granite Audio. I picked one meter length for $90
excellent cable
I am going with a Wireworld Starlight 6. I got a good price on it and will check one out. Thanks for all the suggestions.