DeVore Orangutan 96 an upgrade over DeVore 9?

Has anyone made this change? I've had the 9s for 4 years with a Shindo amp/preamp and also a Prima Luna integrated and love these speakers. What would I gain with the Orangutan?
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Have not lived with them but have heard both. I'd be rather surprised if you didn't find the 96 a considerable upgrade over the 9. IME, the 93 comes pretty close to the 96, and I would chose it over the 96 on grounds of bang fer buck.

I'm waiting for the Gibbon X to ship so I can finally demo it locally. I would wait to audition both it and the Orangutan.

If you only want to use SET amplification, the Orangutan is probably a better fit.
With the O/96 you will gain richness and visceral musicality. But be sure to hear them and see if you like the low end. I heard them a few times and felt the bass was a bit sluggish. Others may chime in to disagree. Got a serious soft spot for the Nines :)
The reviews I've read of the O/96 do not mention sluggish bass, but room placement does seem critical for getting the bass right. I love my 9s, the bass is tight and also has impact. I'm looking to increase the sense of scale and get some more bass extension.
Ladok, Your right, it seems I may be the only person that has noticed this all though as you mention, the reviews do note having to dial in the bass. Hope you can give them a listen before pulling the trigger. You'll get a larger scale with these verse the Nines. I was struck by how rich and visceral the 96's sound. They make my E's sound polite by comparison but I just was not totally feeling their groove on the times I heard them. I've not heard that issue with the Nines or the E's.
Thanks Jetrexpro, doubt if I'd have an opportunity to hear them. Certainly don't want a speaker that doesn't have a "groove." What are your speakers (E's)?
Ladok, Audio Note AN-E. You can see them in my system pg. I hope some other members might jump in here to dispute my findings. I have actually been very hesitant to publish my findings since most reviewers rave about of luck with your search.
I own O 96's and Shindo amps (Monbrison and Haut Brion) and would definitely say they groove. Wonderful combination with shindo. The bass can be tuned with positioning but its different to the bass on the gibbons. The bass isn't tight yet I wouldn't call it loose. Its weighty and has character and color to it. I love the bass on them.
Voxshall, If you are motivated to tap you foot and your body is swaying to the beat then the O/96 have a musical pacing, it not they don't. Sounds like you have been able to dial them in - congratulations and enjoy! Regards Jet
Well, I very definitely want to "feel the groove." The Gibbon 9s do this very nicely. I've got plenty of room from the side walls to "dial in" the bass. I would not want to give up boogie factor to get bigger scale and deeper bass, or the sense that the music is independent of the physical speaker box. Actually, I'd like it all, including reasonable sensitivity/high impedence (tube friendly).
That sounds like a nice analogy. But I can tap my foot to a transistor radio if I dig the music.

Just sayin.......

Just goes to show, if you're tapping your foot to the car radio but not to your $10,000 speakers, you've really screwed up.
My system has some of the most boogie factor I have ever heard and I have heard quite a bit, so the O96 can get the toes tapping it is one of there strengths and the things I like most about them. But my Garrard 301 and shindo's certainly help as well with those aspects. Its the density of tone and biggness of sound that is the major upgrade from gibbons. But if you are more into pinpoint images then I would imagine Gibbon X's might be more your thing.
I am now adding Tannoy to my list of possible upgrades over the Devore 9s. Thanks for the comments on the O/96, they are still in the running, along with the Tannoy Definition DC10 Ti.