Denon 103 output--Step-up needed?

Greetings All,

Back in the day, I had a Denon 103 that I used without a MC step-up and had no problems. At the time, if I remember correctly, it was sold to me as a high output MC. Thinking that I would like to try another, I checked the specs of the new one, and it seems that the output is too low to to use without a step-up.

Has the output of the 103 changed or is it high enough that I don't need a step-up?
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you should have 60-65db, what does your phono stage have?
If you're asking the question you likely need the step-up transformers. Or, to put it another way, if you plug it in to your existing phono stage and don't get adequate volume then you need the SUT.
I started selling the Denon 103s back in the early eighties and they have always been a very low output cartridge. AFAIK, the 103 has always had a low output.
My first Denon was a 103D purchased in 1981. To the best of my knowledge, the 013 never came in a high output version just the LOMC.

Perhaps your old phono stage could accomodate LOMC??
Thanks for the info all. At the time I was using a Van Alstine solid state preamp. It definitely had enough volume. Evidently the phono stage could handle the low output of the Denon.