Definitive Technology Mythos 1

Hey Guys,

I am looking at the Mythos 1 speakers for home theater and music listening. I have large built-in subs so bass response not the biggest concern. I listen to mostly modern rock/ alternative with a splash of soft rock and dance music. I like their 92db efficiency as I like it louder than most when listening   . I have a pair of NHT T6 towers that they would be replacing, those were 87db efficiency and played pretty well. I have good room acoustic treatments and a DAC Cherry amp, so lots of power.

Does anyone have experience with these or maybe 1 of the other Mythos series speakers and what you thought.

The only Mythos speakers I heard were the Mythos ST which I think sold for 4 grand when new.  They have a built in subwoofer amp.  I never particularly liked the aluminum dome tweeter.  The Golden Ear Triton speakers are similar with the powered subs (Sandy Gross was involved with Def Tech and now GE) although the highs are much sweeter due to the pleated ribbon tweeter.  I have the Triton 1 and wouldn't trade them for anything close to their price.  You can expect similar results from the rest of their line as well.
stereo5, which of their speakers doesn't have the sub, again I have that area taken care of and would like to have better speakers above 100hz or so than speakers with built in subs.
The models 5 and 7 do not have a sub built in.