Definitive Technology Supercube I

Hi all!

I have a quick question about the Definitive Technology Supercube I. The amp power is rated for this sub is 1500 watts. Is the 1500 watts a continuous or maximum output? Some powered subs have a power rating of let say a continous of 300 watts and can put out 600 watts max. It's a little confusing when buying a sub and tricky.

Thanks for any advice!!
Why do you ask? Are you looking to purchase this sub, or do you already have it?

For subwoofers, the power ratings mean don't even look at them. They are completely useless info. The power to drive a subwoofer has much to do with subwoofer design, including enclosure size, as well as driver stability and efficiency.

Due to the extremely inefficient design and small enclosure size of the Supercube, a large amount of power is required to obtain adequate sound levels. But it doesn't mean that it'll be louder than a subwoofer with a 300 watt amp.