Has anyone heard it? I'm wondering if it will it keep up with my Apogee's on music and at the same time rock the house on movie sound effects? I plan on purchasing a PAIR of these monsters for my system.I sold my pair of Velodyne DD-15's to UPGRADE to the Trinity's. I felt the DD15's sucked on music because the had no pitch/slam in the upperbass(40-80hz). Any thoughts are very helpful. Thank you.
I am glad you asked. I have the same basic question and there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there that I can find. There are hardly ever any used ones for sale on this site. Is it because they are so good or so bad? I do see that Magnolia Audio located in the Best Buy stores (that oughta make some Gonners cringe) now carry Def Tech's. I/we should be able to get a good listen to them there. Getting a shot at listening to some equipment nowadays is sometimes a difficult task since most stores don't carry all the models. A listen beats ten opinions any time...Good luck!
Thanks for the response John. I really want to hear it before I buy but no local A/V store(Paradyne,BestBuy,Mags) that carries DefTech has the Trinity in stock. Special order only at full retail price. What a bummer! You think if they want to make a sale they would get one in for a demo. I really like the fact that the Trinity has two active woofers one at the bottom and one at the top. I felt the DD15's woofer was so low to the ground the carpet would color the sound.