Definitive Technology BP-8020 vs the Monitor Audio RS6. Which is "better"?

Does anyone care to offer an opinion of the Definitive Technology BP-8020 speaker?

I have an opportunity (that may not last long) to buy a pair of these in nearly new condition. I'm considering replacing my Monitor Audio RS6 speakers with the BP-8020, but I firmly believe the RS6 (discontinued) represents one of the best budget floor standing speakers around.

Is the Definitive Technology BP-8020 "better" than the Monitor Audio RS6?

Before you buy- and frankly, I wouldn't pay more than 25% of MSRP for such a speaker, and it wouldn't be used for finer two channel listening in my system; I would put it to work for HT purposes - be sure that you will not be crowding the front wall with them. If these would be put too close to the front wall it would be disastrous.

If you are seeking to economize and run a speaker dual purpose, I.e. HT and stereo listening, or are trying to avoid having to buy a subwoofer, I can see why you would look at these speakers. If, however, you are only doing fine two channel and are not so concerned about the extreme low frequencies, then you may wish to consider a different design, i.e. without the rear firing drivers. Definitely attempt to hear them if you are not familiar with their sound. :)

Some unsolicited advice which HT fans may ardently disagree with, but might suit you well for stereo listening. Do not buy a speaker for stereo listening merely because it comes with a center channel. I use a cross-brand, i.e. different brand of center channel for HT than my main speakers usually. The point? As I am concerned mostly with spending my time with stereo listening and infrequently do video with those speakers I do not let the center channel dictate the quality of the two main speakers! If I'm listening nearly always to stereo, then those speakers will be premium, and the center channel, even if different brand, will potentially be serviceable. The Legacy Audio Silver Screen I have is quite beyond serviceable, but it does not reside in the territory of some of the main speakers I use.

To the point; I advise not to buy a set of speakers just because they have a center speaker. Buy the speakers you love for stereo listening, then add a center speaker. However, if you are in love with HT and will use the set of three continually, you may decide differently. :)

Thank you for the information and for the advice douglas_schroeder.

The system I would use these speakers with is strictly for two-channel stereo music. The room is about 22' x 15' with a low ceiling. I'm currently using an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 1 amp, a tube preamp, a ten inch sub, and a pair of Monitor Audio RS6 speakers. At the moment this setup sounds good enough for me, although in the past I've had many different components.

I had a fairly elaborate HDTV setup in another room, but am trying to simplify my life so I eliminated that system in favor of a soundbase (Zvox 570) with an external subwoofer. This setup is better than I expected, by the way.

All of the Definitive Technology BP-8020 reviews I could find are quite positive. Admittedly I've never auditioned these speakers and am basing my opinion of them solely on these reviews, which includes reading between the lines, as it were. I'll be deciding by the end of the day what to do. It's just that the Monitor RS6 is so remarkably good for its size/price (but with a tube preamp) that I hesitate to replace it.

I have had a pair of 8020 ST for several years now and they are a very good, universal speaker.  They are not super precise two channel speaker.  The detail is a bit muddled especially if you are listening to vinyl.  Considering the Emotiva you are using, I'd probably like something a little better for two channel.  I use my 8020's in the family room for home theater purposes.  They have a small footprint, nice finish and don't need a sub.  All of that is nice.  My 'listening' speakers are B&W 683 S2 and when I put those in, they were definitely an upgrade to the Defs.  

Douglas is right that you need to keep them away from the wall and they have peculiar off-axis tendencies.  If you are walking around, they can be boomy and then you walk 10 feet another way and you can't hear the bass.  When sitting, they are nice.  They are VERY efficient.  Easy to get them loud and easy on an amp.  They sound pretty good cranked.

I've had no complaints and I can't compare them to your Monitors, but they don't compare to my B&W in fidelity.  Not sure how much you are thinking of paying, but Def T is selling them on closeout for 299 a piece.  That's a really nice deal.  The whole super tower series is slashed.  
I'm not a big fan of the def techs, but you may like a little less clarity and over pronounced mid lows. That's Bose' whole business model, and all kinds of people love those too. Did u know they just updated this line and u can get an 8060 for half of what it was couple weeks ago??  Don't know why someone has to always knock Emotiva?  There's nothing wrong with that amp for speakers in the class u r talking. And I couldn't agree more with your liking the zvox, the absolute best budget buy for a sound bar/base. 
Thanks mrussel1 and dinasty.

I wound up not getting the Def Tech speakers. I had no idea the line was being closed out, so not getting them turned out to be a lucky break. The seller became very stubborn about price, etc. and was asking too much for his used 8020s (~$600/pair).

I'm very happy with the Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 1 amp, and am glad I bought it. Emotiva is very easy to deal with, and their customer service is first rate. It's a beast and much more amp than I need--very neutral and accurate. In my opinion it's best paired with a tube preamp, especially with the RS6s, which are a bit bright.

The Monitor Audio RS6 pair I've been using for several years now is a really good speaker for the price. They sound and look great, and the last time I checked were still fairly available on the used market, and at ~$500-600/a pair, a real bargain. They are somewhat bright at higher volume, but my advancing age and diminishing high frequency hearing have turned bright sound into an advantage.

Regarding the Zvox 570...yes, it's a great soundbase. The 670 is only $70 more, and frankly, is an even better deal at $370; my brother bought one and I listened to it the other day and was flabbergasted at how much bass it produces...without an external sub. LFE sounds are very prominent, deep, and definitely good enough for most people (unless you're a bass freak). The only issue is, depending on your TV stand, the strong bass may occasionally vibrate and buzz the . But that's a small problem I'd be willing to live with. I'm probably going to get one after I decide what to do with my 570.
I also use a tube pre with a SS amp. In your case, you are buffering the brightness of your amp/speaker combination, and purchased a lot of amplifier power/$$. Nice system!  
Yes, for the money spent it's a good system. Can't really complain.

Without the tube preamp I'm pretty sure the brightness of the RS6s combined with the neutral tone of the Emotiva amp would result in too much brightness, even for my old ears.

By the way, I'm using an Aric tube preamp (v3.7 if memory serves). He builds them himself and sells them on eBay and on his site. No remote controls or bells and whistles, but it does include phono capability. I've owned many solid state preamps, all budget priced at ~<$600 when new, and the ~$375 Aric tube preamp outperforms all of them, at least to my ears. It's warm, but not too warm.