DeepChord presents Echospace

This week they released Silent World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in many forms...vinyl, digital and CD, all being a bit different. I've been listening to the 71 minute mixed version and the digital unmixed version for near 2 days straight. This is epic, a truly special composition that pulses, breaths and possess it's own soul. A captivating soundtrack to a movie that does not exist...or does it?

DeepChord/Echospace are Rod Modell and Stephan Hitchell and whatever the moniker they release under (Variant, Soultek, Intrusion, cv313 etc...) if you are a fan of dub techno you know them from the first note. For 10+ years they have taken on what Basic Channel and the like established and defined the Detroit sound. Using mostly analog instruments, vintage gear and tape they have crafted a catalog of classic material that culminated with 2007's Modern Love release "The Coldest Season", a masterpiece of deep, hypnotic waves that resides firmly on my best of all time list. These are special artists of our day.

This new record raises the bar even higher. Very different than The Coldest Season, an evolution into deeper groove, warmer and more alive. It grows roots from the hazy, ambient intro In Echospace and builds to the throbbing, tribal BNC Dub and Hydrodynamics, my 2 favorite tracks at the moment. This record is a journey, it has pace, movement and control. It's patient and it captivates. It's composition that has a soul.

As usual, I know this genre is not for all here in the Agon music forum. I also am sure there are some members that do enjoy it as much as I and others that are interested in exploring some of what is being done outside of their typical travels. It's an album that moves me and one of the better releases I havee heard in quite some time.
Richard, thanks for the excellent recommendation...this album is a sonic masterpiece! I only recently discovered that I like dub/minimal techno (via Trentemoller's Last Resort), but I have had a hard time finding music that convinces/moves me the way "The Coldest Season" does. I'd be interested in any other recommendations you have, so please send them along!
Simorgh...Refreshing to see another here who appreciates these genre's. There are some brilliant records being made, many that go unnoticed. I'll attempt to list some that I have enjoyed lately, please let me know what you think...

In no particular order:

bvdub/Brock Van Wey - pretty prolific artist so many to sample from. I can't really nail down a favorite.

Ohrwert "Yesteryear" - A 2009 release on Silent Season. Damn near anything on that label is worth owning.

Quantec "Journey Of Mind" - Another Silent Season release. He also has a record on Bine released under his name, Sven Schienhammer called Altostratus Translucisus that is outstanding.

Marko Furstenberg - Anything! This is a favorite of mine. Not too much out there but all are top shelf. Love his "Repentance EP", His remix contribution to The Nautilus Project "Backdrift To See" (another artist worth exploring) as well as his remix contribution to Shinsuke Matsumoto's "Lantern" album.

Scion Versions - a small label with 7 releases between 2006-2010, all are fine records. Basically 2 artists, Substance and Vainquier. Actually, on the subject of Vainquier, he just released a track on a Hauschka remix EP, Salon Des Amateurs EP 2, I beleive the track is called Ping. Love that track.

Monolake - that is a project. He (Robert Henke) is basically an icon in the minimal/techno genre, rightfully so. A nice starting point would be Hong Kong Remastered.

Getting back to the point of the thread, anything from the guys at Echospace. If you liked the starkness of The Coldest Season, maybe The Setting Sun or The Seduction Of Silence would also appeal to you. Also, if you like the new record you should check out Liumin which much of the new record is based from.

As you can see, this is a subject I get enthusiastic about:) Let me know hos those sit and I'd be happy to throw out more. I've collected a pretty massive catalog over the years, kind of a music geek as much as an audiophile.
Simorgh....a couple of other thoughts:

On the subject of Monolake, his latest release (Ghosts) is available through Linn Records in 24/96. It's a serious play for a nice rig. It's not my favorite Monolake release, it's less rhythmic leaning more towards electro but still a fine record and the 24/96 version is so impressive to listen to.

Sandwell District - A now defunct label which has a catalog of fantastic records. Artists like Silent Servant, Female, Function, Rrose, Regis (anything from Regis, recommended) etc. Anything out there from Silent Servant would be a recommendation, a nice starting point is his "Negative Fascinations" EP. Some of this gets into the harder techno, not sure what your cut off is.

Cio D'or - Her last EP on Telrae, Ur-Uhr, is a beautiful piece of minimal, dub techno as are most of her records. In fact, I am going to play this now.....!
Hey Richard,
Thanks for the great list...I'm still working my way through the Echospace catalog, but I plan to give all your suggestions a listen (I like to take my time when consuming music). Quick thoughts:

Liumin = stellar...very warm and full of momentum. I like that he chose to go in a different direction rather than simply making another version of The Coldest Season. Very fresh.
Hash Bar Loops = moody submarine exploration of the low-end...perfect for late night listening.
Vantage Isle Sessions = I can't believe this is actually 12 versions of the same song!
Setting Sun = I like the atmospheric pensiveness of the album...A Silent Storm is the real standout track in my view. That said, the album feels a bit unfocused at times, and the title track sounds like a musical dead-end to my ear. A good album, but I need to be in the right mood/mindset to listen to it from start to finish.

Looking forward to getting my hands on Sommer once it is released. Then I'll continue to move down your list;)
Simorgh - Love your comments! You really captured those albums in your short comments! We hear them the same way. Have you listened to Sommer yet? I am anxiously awaiting the release of Summer Night Versions for digital download. I think the vinyl is out but I have not had the opportunity to hear it yet.

In the bigger picture, it surprises me that more audiophiles are not fans of these guys. It's amazing music but it also really speaks on a great rig.

I need to think of some more recommendations for you although if you planning to explore all of the Echospace stuff it's a lengthy project between CV313, Soultek, Intrusion, Deepchord, Variant etc. I typed "Rod Modell" in JRiver search box and 50 releases came up! I didn't even realize I had that many! I think there are still 1 or 2 I'm missing :)
Simorgh - Another thought...I probably should have suggested
these even before the Echospace stuff, this is the root of
what they are about and most of what today's dub techno is.
Basic Channel ... there are many folks that use them to
define the whole genre, ie they don't call it dub techno,
they call the genre Basic Channel. Mark Emestus and Moritz
von Oswald aka Basic Channel/Rythm & Sound/Maurizio. This is
where it pretty much grew from and their work is stellar.
I'd say if there is one knock on Echospace it's that they
did totally rip from these guys but that is sort of how
music evolves anyway, right? I'll list what I think are
absolute must have's:

Rythm & Sound [Rythm & Sound][RSD-1] - They have a slew of
12"s, this compilation is pretty much 02-06 in the
series. Essential. I think they are starting to release all
of the 12"s digitally on too but this
compilation is a great place to grab a chunk. If you're up
to it, you'd be better off getting the 12's (vinyl or web)
as they are edited versions on the compilations. The R&S
12's are probably the most essential dub techno I could
think of. They do lean much more to their reggae roots but
this is a good thing:)You'll find that they have several
releases collaborating with reggae/dance hall artists.

Rythm & Sound - The Versions [Burial Mix][BMD-3] Again,

Maurizio - Maurizio [Maurizio][MCD] - This is another
compilation of 12" released on CD...and essential.

I put the label and catalog info, these releases get
confusing. Have at it with those! I think you will enjoy,
possibly even more than the Echospace stuff.
A few essential releases that haven't been mentioned...
Yagya - Will I Dream During The Process?
Yagya - Rigning
Yagya - Rhythm Of Snow
Porter Ricks - Biokinetics

Here's a mix of great ambient dub techno tracks I uploaded to if anyone cares to see what this stuff is all about.
Synthfreek - Great adds. Agree, the Yagya stuff is must have. Not sure what happened to him on the new record, pretty bad. His stuff is just not suited for vocals like that and even the instrumental disk doesn't work on this. I give him a total pass with 3 classics in a row prior:)

Nice mix, too. Some of my favorite bvdub tracks on there.

Writing in this thread had me playing all my old Rhythm & Sound stuff last night. Gotta add the See Mi Yah Remixes to the list of essentials. Hell, damn near everything those guys touched is essential.

Another artist I have been playing frequently is Dominick Fernow aka Vatican Shadows/Christian Cosmos/Prurient and proprietor of the Hospital Productions label. I don't do the Prurient stuff too much as it leans more to extreme noise but damn I love Vatican Shadows and the Christian Cosmos stuff. This is not dub techno, I don't really know what it is! Discogs throws out labels like abstract, power electronic, industrial, dark ambient etc. Some of my favorite packaging and song titles too, interesting stuff. There is another artist on his label, Lussuria, that I have recently discovered. Great dark ambient stuff.
You seem pretty open-minded Richard...have you heard Talvekoidik? Check out this track...
Synthfreek - Interesting artist. I recall seeing one of their records out on the web and hearing samples (the one with the black and white abstract cover). That track you linked is good. In some ways it reminds me of the stuff you are doing with Larvae (which I love), just heavier and less open space. Have you heard the Vatican Shadows/Christian Cosmos stuff?
Just wanted to let you know that a couple of cv313 recordings are FINALLY available on CD. also, i can't get enough of marko furstenberg's work....too bad none of it is on redbook, as i don't have a turntable setup right now, so i have to make do streaming it through youtube (yuck, but better than nothing)

Synthfreak-Yagya sounds great to my ear, and i plan to explore more from this artist.

This thread is the guft that keeps on many great recommendations from you both!
So, if I'm gonna give this a shot, pick one album for me.

My tastes are pretty broad - pretty to tuneful to noisy to quiet intensity (Sondheim to Fleetwood Mac to Clash to Hiss Golden Messenger) - but this genre may exist outside that spectrum. I can also do a little reggae to Phillip Glass on ocassion, which might get me closer (or might not, I'm not sure where the range of this stuff starts and ends). Still, pick a starting point for me.