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High end Class D amps?
Would love to hear the AGD amps, any news on his active speaker collaboration? Cheers 
Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc
Blimey: https://audio-head.com/sony-unveils-the-sa-z1-near-field-speaker-system/ 
Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc
Any more tips greatly received,, anyone tried the Airpulse A100s?  http://digitalstereophony.blogspot.com/2019/05/airpulse-a100-vs-adam-audio-t5v-is.html#:~:text=AirPulse%20A100%20is%20my%20favourite,the%20price%20of%20this%20product.  
Suggestions for $2k budget
My Spatial M4 Turbo S do electronic music well (all music), not too fussy with room placement either.  Sometimes i wish for a little more low end bass but very good value for money. 
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
Eve Audio SC203 are on my wish list, very well reviewed and small footprint.  Come with stands.  Just seem a bit overpriced in the US. 
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
I'm no expert but i have been to NY audio twice and Sonner was always the monitor highlight:  https://www.monoandstereo.com/2019/10/sonner-audio-allegro-unum-speakers.html#moreBe interested if anyone has got suggestions that sound similar for a sm... 
ways to store your records
talking of Ikea :O) https://thevinylfactory.com/features/ikea-hacks-for-vinyl-lovers/ 
Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc
Thanks for replies, quarantine is stopping auditioning unfortunately!  Will probably pull the trigger on a pair of Vanatoo's.  The other brand that appealed to me is Eve Audio, but they are expensive here $649.  Dumb question, but if purchased fro... 
Desktop Speakers - New Tannoy Golds versus Adam, Vanatoo etc
Thanks for the replies, yes definitely active is the  way to go for my small desk.   I might take a trip to guitar center and listen to the Adam T5V.  Please pitch in if anyone has compared the above, cheers 
Buchardt S400 Special Edition speakers -- any impressions?
The active versions look very interesting 
DeepChord presents Echospace
wow came across this post whilst researching new dub techno/electro albums to explore/purchase (i'm a big claro intelecto fan).  A lot of these releases are really pricey on discogs now.  Thought i would get the thread going again to get some albu... 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
Didn't know soundcloud was optional, anyone tried?  Does it work on the D1? cheers 
enjoy the music: how listening bars have hit the right note
Couple of other related articles  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/24/style/no-noise-complaints-here.html https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/2724  
Tuk Speakers
I see the powered Elac's have won some awards of late, anyone heard?  https://www.elac.com/series/navis-powered-speakers/   
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
FYI  https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/1836JBL perhaps  https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9h63g-jbl-s4700-floorstanding-speakers-cherry-pair-s-4700-20511-full-range (bit out of budget)When's the party? :O)