dedicated outlets for audio equipment


I needed some advice before the electrician comes next week.

I do not have a dedicated listening room ....just use the living room.

I have a dedicated 20 amp outlet that I plug my Lamm 2.2 mono amps into. Its a four plug socket but right now I only used it for the two mono amps.

I have another wall outlet that is a non-dedicated 2 plug outlet. I plug my emmlabs preamp/dac and my emmlabs transport into a hydra 2 which goes into the non-dedicated two plug socket.

Finally, I have another non dedicated wall outlet that I plug my widescreen tv and tivo into. The cords do not reach the outlet so I use a Furman outlet strip to connect it to the outlet socket.

I am having an electrician upgrade the two outlets that power my audio equipment with wattgate sockets.

I do not believe that I have in my townhouse the capability of creating a second dedicated outlet for my dac/preamp and cd transport.

THEREFORE, the question is whether I am better off plugging the preamp/dac and transport into the remaining two available 20 amp sockets or not. The advantage would be the dac and transport would share the dedicated line with the amp and away from any other item that uses electricity. The disadvantage would be that the transport and dac would be on the same line as the mono amps.

Thanks for the advice in advance,


I recommend you try some combinations and let your ears decide. Here are some general preferences. All equipment should be on the same phase of the AC. Digital gear should be on a different dedicated line than other sources and the pre. Amps should be on their own dedicated line.

You 4 plug outlet is probably 1 line. What makes you think it is dedicated? Look to see if all circuts are on the same phase in the main panel.

So, your best solution is not obvious and will take some trials. I suggest you start with the amps on the 4 plug outlet, the Hydra on the 4 plug outlet, and the transport/pre/dac on the Hydra. That puts everything in phase, and gives some conditioning to the source and pre.

Have fun...
Use your dedicated line for all your audio equipment. The advantage far outweighs the idea of plugging some equipment into non-dedicated outlets. By all means change this outlet to Wattagate sockets. Use your Furman strip to plug all these items into your dedicated outlet. Perhaps you can change your 2 socket dedicated outlet to a duplex (4 socket) outlet.
No disrespect but why can't you add a dedicated line. I would have a electrician take a look at your circuit panel. Even if it is full it maybe possible to add a double breaker in the space of a single. I've found that dedicated circuits with WattGate receptacles made a major improvement in my system. It made my system quiter and more dynamic.
Thanks...Walkelin.....I will try a double breaker......its strange though because the electrician I talked to on the phone thinks I am wasting money by having two dedicated lines for audio equipment.

HA! My electrician used to laugh at my requests but he went along with them. Over the years, he came to appreciate the results and we get to exchange ideas better..... on my dollar of course.