decent integrated to replace NAD 3400

I need to replace my integrated in my second system - which I now have in Houston (Katrina New Orleans transplant)My main system is back home waiting my return in late May

My main system is Audio Research LS5 and D200

Any recommendations on a reasonably priced (800-1300)integrated (or separates) for a second system. I don't want to rob the bank as I have a lot of repairs to do once I get home.

The integrated would interface with an audio aero prima and B&W Matrix 2's.

I've heard good things about Creek and Plinius

would prefer something warm and resolving

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Jungson JA 88C (no phono stage though). $400 with remote so you'll save lots of money for those repairs. On the warmer side of neutral and very resolving, built to very, very high standards. Mine replaced an Audiolab 8000A and is in an entirely different league. Can recall reading somewhere on Audioasylum (I think, or possibly here) that one user thought that, although the Plinius (can't remember the model #, think it might have been the 9100 or 9200?) at mucho dinero more did one or two things better, he overall preferred the Jungson.

A little less money than your budget but I can highly recommend the Audio Refinement Complete. Warm, resolving, very nicely built and a real bargain.
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Check out the YBA Integra DT version. IMHO. Great sounding unit. Very reliable.
Hi Tom,
I would suggest you try the Onix/Melody SP-3 available from AV Apparently they have a B-stock unit for $699. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed at both the build quality and the sound. I got the idea of checking it out from a review on You should check it out too. I'd wager it's better than your main system.
One I would investigate is the Portal Panache.
A NAD is the only integrated that can replace NAD.

Just kidding. But you have a lot of options in that price range. The only thing is you need to personally audition them. Start with Arcams, NADs, Rotels, Roksan Kandy, Music Hall, Creek. On Audiogon you will find used Classe and Musical Fidelity amps in your price range.
Milpai - thanks for the humor

thanks everyone for the input

the Jungson sounds interesting as I only have to hook up a dvd and cd to it

I second Macrojack's recommendation on the Onix SP3 integrated amplifier. I also have a Naim integrated amplifier and the Onix SP3 has the same pace, rhythym and timing of the Naim, which is quite good. Switching to the Onix, I got everything I love about Naim audio gear along with tube smoothness (not bloom), a well defined soundstage and a bit more body to the music. This has to be the ultimate bargain in tube amplifiers right now.
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Great buy for the money on the used market.
Bump Are there places to buy Jungson directly?

I can't seem to find the 88c anywhere
Audiotomb, Jeff's Sound Values in National City, CA has Jungson. I heard an 88C last week, right out of the box and it was very impressive.
Don't the Jungsons have reliability issues?I read some posts on this somewhere.

My 88C has been perfect for the last year, no problems-I couldn't be happier or expect more from an integrated amp considering what I paid for it. The drawback, it seems, is that the suggested retail prices of the gear have risen steeply in the past few months. I have seen the 88C advertised with a SRP of $1,000 just in the past month or so on Audiogon-who knows what you have to pay to buy one.