Death of the Tech 12

I'm seeing internet rumors that Panasonic has decided to stop production of the Technics 1200 series turntables. Anyone hear anything official?
This is where I was linked to from audiocircle.

My first instinct was to rush out and buy another 1210. The prices will be going up but then the light went of over my head. The Chinese will start making knocks off's soon enough anyway.
Just certain 1200 models, not all of them:

"Clarification came from Panasonic UK to squash rumours. And It’s not what you might think. So here goes – the 1200MK5 and 1210MK5 WILL be discontinued leaving the 1210MK5G as the top of the range and most definitely NOT discontinued. It never was a limited edition, just a flagship special edition model. And the 1200 and 1210 MK2 will continue as normal. So now there’s some distance between the MK2 and MK5G models instead having a middle MK5 deck to confuse matters. So it’s vanilla Technics or the more expensive piano black extra pitched blue light luxury model left in the range."
Still lots of conflicting news out there. Panasonic is saying they are not killing the Technics brand, but they haven't made any statements about the 1200 series. I'd be curious to see something firm on this.