Counterfeit 'Amused to Death' Vinyl lp?

Recently I won a bid on Ebay for a Roger Waters, 'Amused to Death' vinyl lp. I was so excited!! The record was supposed to be a Sony 180 gram, and looked as if it were original.
However, within listening to the first three minutes of side A, I could tell it was not. Flat sounding, sounds mono(maybe it is). Can someone tell me if there is a way to identify if it is actually a conterfeit copy?
Look at the leadout area of the record. There is usally some hand-written notation there indicating mfgr., etc.

From your description it sounds like you got taken. File a complaint with FleaBay, not that it will do you any

Have the original on Columbia records - reads "Roger Waters A side 1" or something like that hand written on the lead out. If yours is a Sony Records its a Japanese release, from what I read Europe and US releases were all on Columbia records. Sony now owns Columbia don't know if they did in 1992

On the counterfeit issue I've read that they made them from the CD - don't know the mechanics of it.

Good Listening

Thanks for your responses. As an update, I contacted the guy I purchased the record from, and asked him for a refund. He asked that I return it to him, my cost, and that he would give me a refund. Of course, that's yet to be done, wish me luck!
You should lodge a dispute via the PayPal/eBay now and if you paid via PayPal you are fully protected and entitled to a full refund including postage regardless of what the seller does or says.
The original had two pressing both from the UK or Holland. The metal part was from Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab. Look to the leadout groove you will see plainly stamped not scratched into the vinyl. TML-M

The labels on my LP's say Columbia not Sony. Have not heard of a Sony pressing but if there was a Japan pressing of this LP. I am sure that if it was real it would have had an OBI sash and would be even more collectable than the UK pressed LP. only lists one vinyl pressing from 1992 and its on Columbia and pressed in the UK, everything else is listed as being a CD.
Good luck!

Thanks for clarifying - I read the entries as "CD, Album" as both a Compact Disc and an Album (vinyl) was released.

In this case there should only be the Double Album released on Columbia. I have this version - it states on page 15 in the booklet "Limited Edition 2 Album Vinyl Set Mastered Direct to Lacquer From Original Master Tapes"

On the Discs them selves, handwritten is on side A "Roger Waters Side One - 2" "01-468761-20-1A1" also mechanically stamped "TML-M"

On Side B "Roger Waters Side Two - 1" "01-468761 -2B1" further around is an "A" also mechanically stamped "TML-X"

On side C "Roger Waters Side Three - 2" "01-468761-20-1C1" also mechanically stamped "TML-X"

On side D "Roger Waters Side Four - 2" "01-468761-20-1D1" also mechanically stamped "TML-X"

As Always, Good Listening