DCS Verdi Encore Faulty any help advise appreciated

Hi All,My DCS Verdi Encore which i have owned for 10 years has gone faulty.
The disc loading tray seems completely dead and will not open at all
(If physically opened still no reaction from open/close command)

The unit displays “none encore” on start up, can't remember if this is normal ?
When pressing the eject button I hear a relay click but no action at all.
I have dismantled the transport and checked for obstructions or a loose or snapped belt etc but all is OK.
The Loader mechanism is a Philips A97SL and has a Philips PCB control board with the numbers 3139 243 31374 01
After many hours research i found that a Philips DVD 625/051utilises the exact same loader mechanism.
So i purchased one from ebay for £2.80p LOL
The Philips A97SL transport can be removed within minutes from this dvd player

So i placed the DCS Verdi Encores A97SL loader mechanism inside the Philips DVD player and it works perfectly opening/closing and playing CD's and DVD's.So i know that the loader along with its 3 motors and laser are working fine.
I suspect the fault could be within the Philips servo board part number 3139 243 31374 01 But i have been lead to believe that this board contains control software which is DCS only ? can anyone confirm this ?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Best RegardsDave
Since it was a very expensive piece of gear, why not send it back to DCS and get it fixed the right way?  That way, there will be no second guessing. 
Because it is no longer a supported product.it is now a very old piece of kit  it won't be long until classed as vintage if not already.Therefore one would expect limited support.
However DCS have kindly offered a part exchange on a second hand unit,explaining that these units are no longer supported and parts are of very limited stock.
Being the type of person i am i would rather spend hundreds of hours researching to find a solution for the problem that will inevitably help someone in the future with this vintage piece of equipment.

Therefore this post serves not only as a request for help and advise it also serves to help others in the future who love this older digital equipment but will suffer the same consequence.
Some engineer out there has the answer lets just hope he shares it before taking it to the grave.
My old Rotel stripped plastic teeth on the drawer.
I glued a handle on it and it worked fine manually. Present transport is top load. One less possible problem. No waiting for a stoopid drawer.