dcs ELGAR versus DELIUS

Has anybody heard both units head to head? Is the price difference really justified. Thanks a lot for your Help
I have and the Elgar (which I own)is better. At those levels of perfomance only your personal value can determine if the price difference is justified.
I've also owned both-and the Purcell--I find the dCS sound rather processed and sort of 'homogenised'--- I'm rather an organic sort of bloke and prefer the 'organic'purer sound of the Audio Note/Hibari and Zanden DAC's.
If you can live with the dCS-- the Elgar has it over the Delius--but it's close.
In my system, the Elgar has much better dynamic range than the Delius. If you already have a good pre, maybe the gap is closer. Driving directly, the Elgar will be essential.
I own the Delius with the Purcell. To your question about the Elgar via Delius, there is NEARLY NO Difference !!!
The main difference between these two is: you can connect more units to the Elgar. The Processors are the same !
Maybe, when someone is out there with golden ears, it might be possible, he is able to hear a little better bass definition.
Reason :
The Elgar was the first unit for the private user. It was very successful. DCS thought about the upgrade philosophy and there they had two problems :
The housing of the Elgar is super expensive to make it perfect
because of the housing the technicians need very much time to replace some parts ( = expensive ).

So the Delius was born.
From the first idea it was made modular, where changing parts is much faster possible and the housing is much cheaper to do.

Inside they are the same !!

DCS is not big enough to have Processors which are better than some others. They use the same.

Difference from listening:
Maybe when a user don't use a preamp and connects it directly to the amp, then it is possible that some will work better than the other ( System dependent )
We checked it both connected to a premium Pre amp.

With Both you are a winner.