dCS Purcell/Delius vs. dCS DeBussy...

Fellow Agoners,

I've lived quite happily with my dCS Purcell/Delius for some time now. I'm considering upgrading, but I can't afford to do the Puccini quite yet. Can anyone give me any insight on the performance differences between the two, pls?
Hello again,

I hope you're able to acquire a Puccini soon. I would advise you to also plan to acquire a U-clock as soon as you can, too. You read why. Now I understand the context for your queries. good luck!
You believe Puccini is the best the way to go? Thoughts on DeBussy?
the DeBussy is, I believe, the same DAC from the Puccini w/o the transport. Clearly then, it depends on if you wish to implement computer audio as your source.
Don't need the transport, as I run everything through a media server. I may have to audition the DeBussy. Invaluable info. Thanks Lenny_zwik.
Well gang,

I decided to go with the Meitner MA-1. And although I havent A/B tested the MA-1 and the DeBussy, the reviewers unanimously place the MA-1in the same performance category minus the cost. In audio heaven right now. And as it breaks in, it gets better.