Bladelius-Thor mk3/Leema-Tucana 2/Norma IPA-140?

Currently have a Valve Audio Predator which has exceeded my expectations but eventually want to seek a more refined amplifier. Three "relatively" affordable European made integrated amps have garnered my interest. They all have excellent build/parts quality in addition to positive reviews. I have not heard any of these amps but did have a short demo with the first generation Leema Pulse and was impressed with its PRAT and openness despite having such a modest power rating. I can only assume the Tucana 2 is much superior. I know speaker synergy will determine which amp is best(for me) but would appreciate any comments/opinions from anyone has heard these integrated amps.
Speakers? they are to drive into is what needs to be looked at first?
So then we can see what kind of load the amps will see and what will suit them?

Cheers George
Georgelofi-Thx for the response. What I was looking for was feedback from owners/dealers or anyone that has had a proper demo with these amps to describe the +/- of these amps. With my current speakers(Focus Audio FS8) the Leema Tucana 2(based on reviews) IMO would be best. The caveat is I plan on upgrading my speakers but I have not narrowed it down to 1 or 2 speakers yet, but currently leaning towards the ATC-SCM40v2.
There are a lot of well wishers on this forum, that say this amp that amp is the best, without any regard to what kind of load the amp is seeing from the speaker.

Ok, you need to look at graphs of both these speakers, impedance vs negative phase angle, which can half the impedance load again if at or below -35 degrees phase angle, even though it's not shown with just the impedance graph itself.

Focus FS8 (bottom of page)


Both speakers have a hard load the Focus is hardest of the two.

Both speakers need an amp that can do current well, of the three you mention I would go for the Leema Tucana as it's the only one that gives 2ohm wattage specs, the other don't which tells me their hiding something.

As the Leema can do
Output Power: 150W rms 8 Ohms/Ch

Output Power: 290W rms 4 Ohms/Ch

Output Power: 520W rms 2 Ohms/Ch

which means it has good current drive.

Cheers George

Maybe I am overly optimistic but I doubt Bladelius or Norma are hiding a poor design. From my research all 3 amps are near SOTA for integrated amps. Norma claims there amps are designed to drive difficult speaker loads(ML-MBL-Magnepan). The Bladelius Thor mk3 has a 1800va toroidal transformer which should have the ability to handle a 2ohm dip in speaker impedance. My concern would be noise from such a large transformer. Both the Tucana 2 and the IPA-140 are true dual mono amps. This is all based from reviews but Norma is closest to tubes(3D) where the Bladelius is SS(detail) with the Leema its strength being PRAT.
Speakers in consideration with best matching amp(based on reviews)
ATC-SCM 40v2-Tucana 2
Focus Audio-FP88se-Tucana 2
Geithain ME150-IPA-140
KEF-205/2-Tucana 2
Marten-Django XL-Thor mk3
Martin Logan-Montis-IPA-140
Spendor-SP100R2-Thor mk3

It's would be very much in the others best interest to show the 2ohm figure, if it is a good spec, and almost doubles from 4.

The only reason I can think of not showing a 2ohm spec for any expensive SS amp, would be, either it is Mosfet output or Class D. Both these give poor 2ohm specs when put up against their 8 and 4 ohm specs.

Cheers George
Well Dayglow..
There are lot of nice sounding amplifiers of different kinds.. thats for sure!
I have the Bladelius Thor mk iii at the moment and noise is not the issue with that amp. Blackness and 3D in power is the thing with that amp I think.
But then again.. f.ex. tube amps maybe are a little bit less 3D but are nice as well.. big.. musical..
The only time my hair rised on the sound and picture show in Gothenburg in September this year was in Old Scool Hifi 's showroom wit a pair of old macintosh 30 monos running.. ☺
Trainleader-Thx for your input. What speakers are you using? Do you detect any treble grain, which some claim was a flaw in the previous Thor mk2 version? Look forward to your reply.
I would like to add another Euro integrated amplifier to the mix, the Gamut DI 150. My research has found that the DI 150's only weakness "could" be it's overly analytical and presents a 1st row type of soundstage. Since the Gamut has been produced for nearly a decade have any updates been made during it's production run? I would appreciate comments from anyone that has owned the DI 150 or has had a serious demo.
Thx in advance.