Dartzeel NHB-108 v Coda S5

Interesting article in this mnths Stereophile after the rave Wes gave the Dartzeel, he states that he like the Coda amp better.
Considering it is 4k and can be bridged it sounds very promising. Dartzeel at close to 20k does not seem like good value, but probably the Coda is too cheap for some philes to try it out.

Anyone heard the current Coda amps??
Nuf said, buy one and get off the upgrade circus.
I also like the Pass equipment, but it's a tad cooler in sound. If your a sand amp guy, the Coda is going to be hard to beat. (I have not heard everything) I also hear good stuff about the Levinson's but have not heard anything on the latest gear, and I realy liked the older Levinson stuff I have heard.

Even with that I have big toobs.

Yes I have heard the current Coda and also heard the Dartzeel. The Coda did not need much tweaking in my system to sound good. The Dartzeel was the opposite, it needed more tweaking, however; once both amps are tweaked for a given system, it was my experience that the Dartzeel was in a different league than the Coda and I do mean different. The Dartzeel in my system was the best SS amp I've heard in my system and the Coda did not place anywhere in the top 10. I do not own the Dartzeel for obvious reasons, I can afford it, but would not pay that type of money for an amp. A better substitute for the Dartzeel would be a Plinius Class A amp, any model. Great Value. Probably my next amp, own a Krell presently.
My reading of the S'phile Coda review was "enthusiastic but ultimately a 'qualified' thumbs up." Did I misread it?
I auditioned this amp and found it very fragile to deal with, If I remember right you could blew a fuse very easily
if you turn down the power ,you have to wait 3 minutes before you can disconnect the IC or you blow a fuse, and it didn't look easy to change the fuse. I was told that the XLR are not true balance. Very sweet amp, but lacking bass big times.
IMO way overpriced
Exacly couldnt have been said better too cheap for some people,look what people will pay here and on Ebay for whatever,cleary peoplehave way to much time and money,the key isto put something together with a decent amountof money,it sure can be done,but after all its your cash.