D/A Converter in Rega Planet vs. Classe Pre-amp

I own a Classe SSP-30 and Rega Planet CD player. While I know the ultimate answer is in actually listening to the two setups, would anyone please mind commenting on my question:

What do you think would provide better performance: Using the D/A converters in the Planet and sending the analog signal to the processor or running a digital cable to the Classe processor and using the Planet as a transport only and relying on the D/A's in the Classe?

Your comments are appreciated. thanks very much.
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Gerryn, as you have experience in the set-up, I would be interested to hear your opinion on the Classe SSP-30 DAC.

I am thinking of purchasing the Classe in the very near future and have thought of that also.


I used to have a Rega Planet years ago, and I had used it by itself for a few months. I had bought a used Monarchy 22A DAC and used it with the Planet. As good as the Planet was, I got much better sound with the Planet and the 22A DAC combination. I believed you will have the get the same result as I did. Now I didn't have neither one, but you won't get a better transport for what you could sell the Planet for.

Good luck