Cyndi Lauper & Tom Waits in Phantom of the Opera

Move over Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Cyndi Lauper and Tom Waits have agreed to co-star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's vision of Gaston LeRoux's Gothic horror-romance: The Phantom of The Opera. Tom will have the role of The Phantom, and Cyndi will sing and play Christine. The show is scheduled to open one year from today at the NY Metropolitan Opera House.
Good one Rosstaman. I couldn't think of a more unlikely pairing and, once I read your thread, I really tried hard to do that. George Thorogood and Kate Bush?

I'll see you at the show!
A good one for April Fool's Day! Although it certainly would be interesting.
That'd be the best thing that ever happened to that show. Nice casting, you Fool!

hey don't laugh...ever see Cyndi Lauper in concert ?? she absolutely kicks ass
You know, I bet they would do it if Waits, his wife and Cyndi re-wrote the songs and music, and everything else for that matter.
I believe Cyndi lauper had ambitions to sing opera early in her musical training. Didnt much care for anything she did before I heard "Sisters Of Avalon" I was impressed. I imagine a pairing with Tom Waits should make for some impressive improv.
Hey, I'm ready for it! What's holding them up?