Krell Evo 402e vs Evo 400 mono and Evo 202/Phantom


Martin Colloms raved in Hificritics about the Krell Evo 402e amplifier, as did Andrew Robinson in Home Theater revieuw. I got a great deal for a Krell 400 mono (not the e series however). How compare these to each other.

Have also a deal for a Krell pre Phantom against Evo 202.
Anyone have thoughts about these, please.

They should replace my around 20 years old Krell KSA 150/KRC 2, which, after recapping recently, works absolutely fine.

Thanks guys!
I don't know the newer products you are concerned with, but the KSAs are true classics which many say were the best products Krell evermade. If you can afford to keep them I would no matter what you do next.
I have had the 403 and now the 403e, I was also lucky enough to be @ Krell's demo of the 402 v 402e @ CES a couple years ago, the 'e' series are much smoother and cleaner, everyone in the room was equally impressed.

FWIW I have also owned a KSA 300 s and find the new 'e' series Evo's far more musical.

I have not compared the 400 mono's to the 403 or 403e however
Thanks for responding!
Said that the improvement from the non e to the e series is far greater in the stereo than in the mono Krell evo amps, however not sure about moving from the stereo e (evo 402e) to mono non e (evo 400).
I think I had to make the plunge, as having no posibilities to compare.
hi, sequence 56!
i plan to update my system too.
did you get any info re evo202 versus phantom (without crossover option). please share if so. what is better option from $$ - money point of view?
Hello Goultiap,

I heard 202 in a dealer's setup only recently, sorry for my late reply.
I did not have the opportunity to compare them side by side, however 202 said to have just a little thinner sound, a Phantom a somewhat fuller. Phantom has some more control over the lower registers and sound somewhat more open.

Having said that however, I found even the 202 extremely open, detailed, fluid and fast with very good control over the lower regions.
When the price difference is great and this is of concern I think you can better go with 202, otherwise the Phantom is the better of the two and it should, regarding it's price.

Good luck!
Choose to buy an Audio Research Ref5SE instead and a pair of Krell Evo 400 monoblocks.
Coming from KSA 150/KRC-2 this is what I called a major update to say at least.
Said by one who has extensive experience with both, the Krell mono 400 is definitely a real step up from 302E/402E.
Great setup! I also have the Ref5SE and almost bought the EVO 400 as well but got the 403E for music and HT. The Ref5SE mates really well with Krell EVO amps.

I also run the Ref5se with Ref 250 for music.
I agree! Ran my Evo 403 and 403e with an ARC Ref 5 for music, then upped that to the Ref 40th Anniversary, great combo!
I already upgraded from Evo 400 to Evo 400e.
Heard side-by-side and I found it a really recommended upgrade on all parameters, deeper and more articulate lower, mids are more musical engaging, higher tones are finer exposed. Overall the sound is more open and detailed with more clarity.

Indeed Krell Evo works very fine with Ref5SE.
How would 402e compared to pass labs xa30.8? Thanks.