Custom Bozak Loud Speakers

I just purchased a pair of Bozak speakers that do not match to anything in any Bozak catalog that I have seen.
These boxes appear to have been "factory build" but have some unique features.
Each cabinet is 42" W x 40" H x 20" and contain (4) 12" woofers, (2) 6" mids, a cluster of (8) tweeters and a super tweeter. They also contain (3) crossover units.
Wondering if anyone knows of Bozak making "custom" loudspeakers.
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grew up with B-305...saw a few Bozaks but never any with a factory super tweeter..they did have a sound reinforcement line. Typically smaller driver line arrays..
how do the sound ?

Sounds close to the Symphonies!
Speaker wise, except for the super tweeter, these are the components of a Concert Grand.  But a factory Concert Grand had dimensions of around 36"W x19"D x 52"H, and should have a factory sticker(which could have come off) on the back.  They were furniture grade cabinets.  Volume wise, your cabinets are close, which is important since most Bozaks were of the 'infinite baffle' type and volume was important for bass performance.  Yours sound more like a home built version(which could also be of hight quality), and the super tweeter and Xover added later.  That being said, I think I've heard Rudy Bozak would occasionally custom build speakers, so who knows.  In their day, the Concert Grand was one of the finest speakers you could buy.