What about Bozak

Hi All--

Does anybody know the sound quality of these--
Vintage pair of Bozak - B-301A Tempo Speakers

Found a pair for sale in my town, guy wants 150- Cannot find any Blue Book value? Any thoughts--

From dealer, probably $300.00, from individual about $200.00. This, assuming they play properly and not trashed cabinets.

Sound is very warm, laid back. Resolution is decent for it's era. The design uses a rubber coated aluminum tweeter and long fiber natural wool for the woofer. Great classic speaker, very famous in it's day.
Agree with Albert. A nice full rich sort of sound, but very pleasing. They were certainly one of the best brands around in those days, and they were well respected.
I owned the Bozak Symphony. At present, I have the Bozak Rhapsody (very similar to the B301). I have to let go of the Symphony because of the size.

Rudy Bozak made very nice drivers. IMO, its limitation is the enclosure. Also, a better crossover components improves the sound. If you can get it for $200, I think that's a very pair price.

I use my Rhapsody in a "mono" set up and sounds great. I experimented with Fostex tweeters and about 4ft3 sealed cabinets and truly like what I heard.
Thanks friends--For your awesome help!