Crossover upgrade for new speakers?

Considering Revel F206 for small room. Can crossover be upgraded for further refinement of sound?
Hi pt,
Personally, with Revel speakers; I wouldn't touch the crossovers. If I did, I would keep the same values of the caps, etc.; but see what they're using for brand names of caps. Example: generic cap vs. Mundorf, Sonicap, Elna Silmic 2, Nichicon Fine Golds.
Keeping the same values in crossovers; you can also tighten-up the tolerances by upgrading the caps. 
Revels are darn good! Personally, I would leave them the way they are.
I they were 10 years old, maybe I would upgrade the cap; but otherwise, just enjoy them! Have a nice one!
As previous poster almost said, cap replacement would be an avenue. The drivers are probably fine, with their heritage being JBL.  I have taken apart a dozen JBL crossovers, and what they use for caps is fine.  But ... the best caps for audio are likely 10 or 20 times more expensive than the caps used in the revels. I am guessing, but its based on a lot of experience. But you might get an improvement. What I would worry about would be the caps themselves being big enough that the cab displacement is changed ... but in a big cab like that, probably the issue is small. So, if you have the skills, try it. If it does not work, put the old caps back in. 
Thanks guys. What tolerances do you mean scratcha. I’m not up on this topic at all. 
@scratcha- I replaced every crappy surface-mount electrolytic, in my TacT Audio 2.2X preamp recently, with either Elna Silmic II or Nichicon’s FG(Fine Gold "muse") caps (analog input and two analog output modules, ADC/DACs, motherboard & power supply = lots of caps). They are excellent electrolytics, but- unless available as special order, they’re not suitable for a crossover, being polarized electrolytics. Both are also the typical +/- 20% tolerance of, "ordinary" electrolytics.
OP-  Some component suppliers(ie: Michael Percy, if he's still around), will custom match capacitors and resistors, to within 1% of one another's values, for a small uptick in price.    Such details can tighten channel balance, if one is so concerned.  Read the blurb, directly under, "Reliable Capacitor", top of page 5:
@rodman99999. Thanks for idea :) ! I’ve bought from Michael before and he is “great” to deal with. I didn’t think of it and am sure glad you did ! Cheers!
@ptss -  Your welcome.  He's proven a friendly, reliable and competent source for components, over the years.   Happy listening!
Yes Rodman. Since about 1993 for me :)