Counterpoint SA12

I just came across a Counterpoint SA12 poweramp from an estate sale and am wondering if it is worthwhile. I presently use an Aragon 2004 and have zero complaints but have it in the back of my mind that I should try a tubed amp. The SA-12 isn't a pure tube unit, it is a valve/solid-state hybrid, employing four 100W MOSFETS per channel in the power stages, while all voltage amplification and output stage drivers are valve circuits (two ECC88s/6DJ8s per channel).
I really don't know much about this amp, have never heard one and would appreciate any comments from former or current users before I even swap out my Aragon to give it a test run.
Too old and unless you are electronics-handy to change out the coupling caps and perhaps the "dried out" B+ caps the unit in its present condition will not compred with a 2004.
Also you need to be EXTRA EXTRA careful with speaker wires on old Counterpoints.
One short, even for a fraction of a second, will blow it up in specacular fashion and changing out the mosfets require expert rebuild using 2SK1530+2SJ201 or a trip to Altavista Audio for an NP upgrade.
The counterpoint products as a whole are quite forward sounding. They do not sound anything like typical tube products. I would think your Aragon is more laid back and musical in the mids/highs than the Counterpoint. Also, the bass response and control from the Aragon will be better as well. The counterpoint products were also known to be quite unreliable.

If you picked this amp up for cheap at an estate sale, I would just list it here or on Ebay and sell it. Keep your 2004.
I have owned Counterpoint gear in the distant past. It was good at the time, for what it was. I probably wouldn't mess around with it today - too many shortcuts and compromises in the design. Repairs or upgrades can be very expensive.

If I were looking for a hybrid amp, I would consider Moscode, Vincent and Jolida. The Moscode 600 is an awesome amp, if you can find one.
Tried a modified Moscode 600 with all Auricaps and "hotrodded" power supply.
Hate to say despite a lot of favorable reviews and comments I find the moscode to be blunt, grainy, and misty.
It did not compare favorably against a stock SA100 with very minor mods
(only the coupling caps and 6FQ7 replacing the 6922s)
The SA12, SA100 is definitely best left for tweakers who have the time to adjust the gain on the 6922s, and pay a lot of attention not to fry the mosfets.
By the way my 23 year old SA12 in a second vacation home system finally dropped a channel the other day. Probably fried a MOSFET since the tubes were OK. Repairs and mods on these units are VERY expensive. The original designer is still around and does these repairs and mods at a hefty price [I forget his name]. It's not worth the effort in my opinion. It's a throw away. Look for newer stuff.
depends on the price I guess. I would not spend more than 150.00 for it. They tend to sound forward, bass will be outclassed by your Aragon. Unreliable, getting very old, and the cost to fix is very expensive...mmmm...actually, I would pass on it. Get a CJ, Quicksilver, or VTL instead. It would cost more, but they are reliable, the company is still there, and it will give you a real tube amp.
I had a SA-100 and agree with most of what was said above. Bass a bit loose but it did offer musical, warm mids. I also had a Aragon 2004 MkII. I found this amp to be cold, sterile, and completely non-musical. Bass was tight and punchy though. I would not want either brand today.
I can repair or upgrade the Counterpoint products like J Wu so if interested let me know.

Happy Listening.