Could use a little help with Sorbothane

I have LOTS of sorbothane isopods, and was curios how everybody else uses them, meaning do you put the flat side facing the component(CD player, preamp, etc...) Or do you place them so the flat side sits on the component rack? I have tried both ways and can not tell if it effects the sound, but I would like to have them the "right" way if there is in fact a right way. Thanks, Tim.
I assume that the flat side would go against the component, but I doubt it matter (except for stability). I bought sheets of sorbothane, vut it into squares, and put them under the components stock feet. They work fine, and the 12"x12" sheet cost less than $30 (if I remember correctly).
The flat side goes up up (to the component) per some web instruction that I recently read. The site didn't mention using the pods as footers for under a shelf and I would assume that they should be reversed in this situation. Try it both ways though. I have reversed Vibrapods and they sound a little/not much different each way.