Core Audio Designs and SolidSteel HF Racks .....thoughts and opinions

I am looking at both of these racks with one being made of wood done by a real craftsman and the other of fine Italian design and with steel. I only need a two to three shelf rack in which the components will also be on HRS MX-3 platforms. I would appreciate your thoughts on these two brands. Thank you   
I purchased mine from the craftsman and my system has never looked or sounded as good as a result......the zebra wood is awesome (and I'm normally not a wood kind of guy).

I can not believe that no one has purchased one of these two stands outside of Mr. Butler ........
Give Arnold Marr a call if you plan to use Core Audio Designs PlyKraft with HRS MX-3 platforms.

I have owned few Core audio racks over 8 years and never felt the need to further isolate my components. The sheer quality of exotic woods and shelves preloaded with dampening materials provide your component solid foundation and uncolor sound.   

Last year, Arnold custom built me a behemoth 480lbs quad custom rack. The rack is 87" wide and 15" high to accomodate 8 components. In addition, I also own a plyKraft 3 and two isolation platforms for my monoblocks. If I learned one thing being in this crazy hobby for 20 plus years, changes are emminent. You would want to invest in a company that's been around and offers infinite expansion possibilites. This stuff is ain't cheap and neither your components.  I can say, Core stuff is built for life.
I have several of Arnold's offerings and love the look and sound of his products.  I even have the twig headphone stand and it is a showpiece.  Arnold does exceptional work and his products have stood the test of time.  Worth investigating and the added costs.