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You know you are an Audiophile when:
You have seven different pressings of a favorite LP and can explain, in detail, each version within a few moments of Dropping the cart. 
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
Interesting discussion, I have tried most of the suggested items mentioned earlier and settled with still point Ultra 6 on my analog TY and centerpoint on digital equipment.  On my analog transport and tubed phono I use magnetic levitation for exc... 
Aesthetix Romulus and Pandora; same DAC section?
Answer is on the website 
Are Zesto Preamplifiers in the same league as VAC?
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
I use carbon fiber and never looked back 
Does anyone know why the new Western Electric 300b tubes continue to be delayed??
I have a quad set, but there not cheap, got them in the late 90’s and stored them away with low hours. 
Sales or clearances happening now
I have picked up some great deals from private parties, I think people are nervous and more flexible with price. 
Silent Running Audio vs Harmonic Resolution System
I’ve tried both, HRS made a noticeable difference. 
What's the best isolation system?
I’m surprised that magnetic levitation hasn’t been brought up.  Really helps with digital and tub equipment.  HigherFi made some great strides in this area the last few years. 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
I had gone through probably a dozen pre amps and finally just got an aesthetix Janis signature and was quite content until one day I walked into see a movie (James Bond) with my wife and an aesthetix calisto eclipse came up.  I had only seen one o... 
Forever speakers around $5000
I have a pair of LSA 2.1 for sale if your interested in wonderful fidelity that compare to speakers above $5k.  I’ll give you the AudiogoNer price discount as well. 
Best Preamp - NO preamp... (?)
I have tried direct to amp with PS Audio direct stream memory transport and PS Audio DAC to various amps and was underwhelmed by the results in all situations.  The volume control in the PS Audio added to much grain, especially at lower volumes.  ... 
Looking for the Best Digital Power Cord
After carefully looking through the the responses I decided to give Pete with Triode a shot.  I just ordered the dig Amer.  So far he has been a pleasure to work with and quite informative.  I will be sure to reply back when I have had a chance to... 
Looking for the Best Digital Power Cord
jackd:looks like Ike a great recommendation.  Please elaborate on why you liked Triode or how you came to recommending them.  Looks like some really good reviews for them. 
Looking for the Best Digital Power Cord
Excellent suggestion, I will give him a call on Monday.