Cool-running tube or SS amp for small room

Trying to answer a tube-lover question: In a 10x14 room, with a tube EQ and
tube pre, can I find a cool-running tube amp in the $2 -3,000 range. If not,
a cool-running solid state would be fine. Any specific models recommended?
ICE amps run cool - check out Bel Canto. Any conventional SS or tube will run hot if it has high power output.
Naim amps run cool.
Audio Note Zero level tube amps run reasonably cool.
Are there low power tube amps that run cool? I don't need much power, maybe 60 watts would be plenty. thanks for your reply.
Just avoid all tubes and class A Solid State designs and
you should be okay.

Check out the Edge amps. The one I had, an entry level M4, ran almost imperceptibly warm and sounded great, and I'm basically a tube guy.
The Bryston 2BSST runs really cool and can give you 100wpc 8ohm/180wpc 4ohm. 20 year warranty, too. Available in Silver or Black - 17" or 19" - Bryston amps are price increasing June 15.
Cheers Dan
Many thanks for the advice. I will look for the Edge amps and the 2BSST.
I am actually powering the Vandersteen 2C and it is a home studio monitor situation, so I am listening as I work on music. Composing, mixing, and then mastering. I have a Simms Celeste currently and want to upgrade. The front is are Manley tube mixer and EQ units. In the small, 10x14 room, two tube products is enough. that's why "cool-running" is my wish for the amp.

Please, Welcome any more suggestions for amps in this small room.
Channel Islands Audio D-100 or D-200 monoblocks. These are the best of the Class-D amps, in my opinion.
a great, cool running tube amp for Vandersteens is the Music Reference RM10 (mk I or II) ... only about 1/2 the rated power of what you are asking about at 28w/ch but I think you would be very happy with the resulting music
Thanks all for your replies. So many options. Since I have a couple of Manley tube units, I decided to stay away from tubes (too much heat). Will likely go with the Channel Island D-100 mono pair. For the size of my room, 10x14, I think the D-200's would be too much and my Vandersteen 2C's don't play loud. In researching the Byston amp, it seemed that it might be too bassy for the small room, even though the room is heavily treated.

Again, many thanks for so much help all you Audiogoners. Larry