Converting tube preamp from 110v to 230v

There are several great deals on Agon for tube preamps but they are invariably 110 volts. Is it possible to have a 110v preamp converted to 230v without sending it to the manufacturer ? I see no reason for a manufacturer to indulge me on this.
Many thanks
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You could buy a step down transformer to give you 110-120 volts.
It all depends on the manufacturer and sometimes also the model. Some can, some can't be rewired.
Thanks. Won't a transformer have some sonic effects, sound degradation etc ?
It depends on whether you have a dual wound transformer. If not the proper way is to change the transformer. A step down transformer will degrade the sound.
Not sure if a step-down transformer will degrade the sound with the particular preamp, but I would expect that there is less likelihood of degradation using a transformer with a preamp, that draws an essentially constant amount of current all the time, than for instance with a Class AB or Class D power amp, where the current draw fluctuates widely with the dynamics of the music.

A transformer might even improve sonics, by filtering out high frequency noise.

Also, I believe the AC in your country is 50 Hz. Although that most likely won't be an issue, you would want to confirm that the preamp you select is rated for 50 Hz as well as 60 Hz operation.

-- Al
If the preamp has multiple primary windings on the power transformer, it's simply a matter of moving or using jumpers to wire the primary to 220Vac. Using an external transformer for this purpose would degrade the sound and therefore would not be advantageous. You could potentially have the power transformer replaced provided the manufacturer still has them. Most companies these days only fit a single primary winding on their products to guard against U.S. Dealers shipping product over seas and vice versa. They have to protect their distributors and dealers financial interests.
Many thank for all the responses. My query was prompted by a spate of high end ARC preamps for sale on Agon. I guess there are no shortcuts...!
Have a great XMas
HiFigeek is correct. I have often bought in the US and imported to Europe. Only had a problem once with an integrated amp. Manufactureres make for a world market, by and large they have to design a product that is easily changed.
The CJ Premier 17 I bought some years ago, took 20 minutes to change the transformer taps to convert to UK voltage. I am sure some products are more difficult, so do a bit of research if you can.
I know of one poor individual who bought a transformer for an expensive Spectral amp. When he took the lid off, there was a simple switch inside to change the voltage Doh....
This story has a happy ending. Bought a used 110v CJ GAT on Agon . Asked CJ for wiring instructions. Lew Johnson graciously sent the diagram etc. Conrad Johnson is a fantastic company to deal with and Lew is a true gentleman , always a pleasure and ever mindful of his customers. This is so unlike that other tube company which simply refuses to have anything to do with voltage conversion.
Many thanks to all of you who chimed in.