Convert Spacedeck from 240v/50htz to 110v/60htz

I have a Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck that I bought in the UK before I moved to the US.
Could anyone give me any advice on how I can convert the deck from the 240v/50htz for the UK to 110v/60htz for US. Obviously I need to change the motor, but I am having real trouble finding anyone who sells parts or could perform the conversion for me (including NAS in the UK who suggested I ship the whole turntable back to them!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ASL Group is the US NAS distributor, you can contact them directly for parts, questions etc.
You don't have to ship the table anywhere. All you need is a new 120V motor and a new pulley because of the frequency difference. You will likely pay more for it from Audiophile Systems though, compared to getting one from a dealer in the UK. They have more cost because of the tech support they have to keep on staff etc. You should have got one while you were in the UK. I'd still go thru ASL though because you may want their support later, and they have excellent support and service. And you could probably sell the current motor to someone in the UK via the UK boards like pink fish media to someone who wants a backup, assuming you won't need it again.