A Suggestion for Spacedeck Users

I have most always used my Spacedeck with plinth. Tried both ways early on and could tell little or no difference. I use a wall mount based on 1000 lb.-rated brackets lag bolted to the studs then and using a 2 1/2" slab of rock maple as the base. It is heavy, solid, and a glass of water will not so much as quiver if you stomp on the floor next to the table or smack your fist on the wall.

I toyed with and then eventually placed three Audio Points, in cups, under the plinth to form an equilateral triangle directly under each of the three "pod" contact points of the table. With this setup, I was able to extract a bit more detail without loosing the pace and musicality that I love in the 'Not.

Next, I purchased a Mat1 from Boston Audio for the Spacedeck. Again, I was treated to more detail, especially on top, but found the sound just a whisper darker.

Finally, I decided to give just the Mat1 a go without the plinth, after having removed it to clean. I was floored by the significant expansion of the soundstage. On well recorded material, I am hearing a foot further outside the speakers than previously and with tight bass. The top end is just a half of a cat's whisker brighter (not lean), but the improvement overall renders this practically unnoticeable.

So, I suggest giving the Spacedeck a try with a Mat1, no plinth, and on a super-sturdy base. My results were stunning.
This is the most exciting post I've read in months! As you might recall, I also have a Spacedeck/spacearm/501 II combo, and I also recently added a Boston mat. I've been using the plinth atop a Neuance shelf, Neuance on DH Jumbo cones(recommended by Ken Lyon), all atop my heavy duty Billy Bags rack.
I will be trying your suggestion asap.
When my new Joule LA150 arrives, it should make for quite a week! Thanks, Spencer