Convergent Aud orOtherBrands LetteringRubbingOff?

I am the proud owner of a CAT (Convergent Audio Technology) preamp. I recently aquired this piece that was built in the 90's. It was in next to perfect shape with the exception that the silk screen function markings were rubbing off in a few places. This really bummed me out. I noticed on many ads for these items used that it was a common problem. I am sure it also exists in other brands. What are we to do?

I am an engraver and glass etcher by trade. I could either engave the information on the faceplate or sandblast it. The finish on my cat is a heavy annodized black. I decided to sandblast it into the annodizing. The result was nothing short of stunning. I have etched pieces of crystal worth thousands of dollars. Let me tell you, of all the work I have done this is the work I am most proud of.

If you would like to see the results, send me your email address. I will send you a couple of photos. My email:
That is a great offer, makes me wish I had a CAT preamp in need, just so I could get the work done.
Jjmali, I was serious about my comments, (no I was not teasing).

I think your ability to restore the lost text on high end audio by the method is not only a wonderful idea, it's something difficult (maybe impossible), for most of us to access.

Jafox, the Callisto shows absolutely no signs of wear. I don't know what the lettering is done with but durability seems to not be an issue. I will say that the text would probably be prettier engraved, as suggested by Jjmali.

As I mentioned before, if I had a CAT or other high end product with damaged text this would be a blessing. I'll bet a new faceplate from the factory would be at least $500.00 per panel.
Albert, the lettering on mine is excellent too. I was hinting that maybe you could go ahead and have yours engraved anyway as I too suspect it would be gorgeous. I just didn't want to be the first one to try. 8-)
As a cat owner, the crappy selector switches have caused me much more grief. Between both pieces you have to do a balancing act to remove this from the rack / oh,ya, same fun putting it back. Having 4 thumbs on each hand hasn't helped either.