Convergent audio + Silver cable

Has anyone experience with silver cables for example Siltech
with Convergent Audio, please share your experiences !

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While I do not have direct experience in using silver cables with the CAT amps, I can tell you from my personal discussions with Ken Stevens that he strongly advises against the use of silver cables. He says they "ring like a bell." Judging from my conversations with him, I gather that he altogether dislikes the use of silver in an audio signal path. Whether the CAT components are more sensitive than other high end audio components to the brightness that is often associated with silver cables I do not know.

For about six months after I bought the CAT JL-1 LE amps, I did run Kimber 1030 interconnects (all silver) to connect my front end components to my preamp (Lamm L2). The sound was excellent, and, with hindsight, I would tell you that the silver cables did a nice job of compensating for the slightly dark character of the Lamm preamp and the Transparent cables that I was using further downstream. (At the time, my interconnects between the Lamm preamp and the CAT amps and my speaker cables were all Transparent.)

Last year I upgraded the cables Kimber and Transparent cables to Jena Labs cables (all copper) throughout my system. The resulting upgrade in sound quality was significant.
Had Silver Goertz, switched to all copper Cardas - much better. Ken also told me to stay away from silver, at least with his electronics - I have no reason to doubt his advice.