Considering full upgrade over next year

Currently using yba cd3 with audiolab and B&W 610's. The yba is the newest piece and I am very pleased with it Start with the source). Looking to upgrade to SS amp, preamp and then speakers (5 to 6K used over the next year). The room is 10 X 18 and my music is varied. Looking for ideas. Considering pass, classe, plinius, etc to start. Any thoughts?
Well, since you have a whole year to consider the options & a list of potential candidates, just start auditioning & taking notes. What I have is great for me but might not work for you & that goes for anybody else.

I would also recommend taking care of your AC & some simple room treatments (if you haven't already). With that said I'd like to throw Ayre into the mix as a contender. Remember to trust your own ears & have fun.
You should start with the speakers. Any other approach is back-asswards in my opinion, though I've certainly been guilty myself.
Ok. Following Drubin's advice I found an nice set of Meadowlark Hotrod Shearwaters and am soooo thankfull for his advice. I absolutely love the sound. B&W's were a TAD bright! I'll be auditioning the Plinius 102 and the Sim Audio W5 this month. Thoughts and opinions on these and others would be greatly appreciated (wrt preamps as well). Thanks in advance for the help.