Consensus Audio heaven

Has anyone else been fortunate enough to hear the superb Consensus Audio speakers in action?!

Having recently heard the extremely low priced Magma and also the Conspiracy models I was totally taken aback by their cohesiveness, guessing mainly due to using ceramic speakers throughout for synergised voicing throughout the frequencies rather than mix and matching as many makers do.
Having liked the Lumen Whites but felt they were left wanting (especially in the bass), this new design from Stefan Fekete is something that improves on the Lumens tenfold - they are a breed apart and for my money are the finest speakers I've ever heard, regardless of cost - and believe me I've heard many.
If anyone else has tried them I would love to hear your feedback too. I personally went the extra mile and plumped for the Conspiracy model, and cannot wait until the day I can afford the awe inducing Statements!
Having recently heard the extremely low priced Magma and also the Conspiracy models

The"extremely affordable" Magma and Conspiracy MSRP is $32,850 and $41,700 according to the distributor's website. Not really in the "extremely affordable" range for the vast majority of the population.....

...and cannot wait until the day I can afford the awe inducing Statements!

I too look forward to the day I can afford the $108,000 statements. When that day comes, I'll use that extra $108,000 for something much more practical than a pair of audio speakers....

Sorry Firebird2, you caught me on a day I'm feeling a bit on edge about the state of the economy. Not really your fault, but your comments come off as elitest and out of touch with the reality being felt by a lot of people.

Sorry if I came across in that manner Reubent - not my intention at all.
I admit I put a fair proportion of my hard-earned into this hobby but then it is very high on my priorities and something that brings me joy and better escapism than any movie or novel ever has.
I also do not enter lightly into such purchases and it was over the space of two years searching for the ultimate speakers that I came across these - mainly following research into build quality and materials and actual good old listening than just 'good reviews' (although these got 110% in that field too).
I am really just suggesting people go have a listen if they possibly can, as they really are in a new and very different league to the over-marketed brands that pummel us with technobabble to disguise shoddy materials and inferior parts, which when it comes to hearing are found severely lacking in many departments.
It is the feedback of other people that I would like to hear as I felt so relieved to hear something that actually plays superbly on ALL musical genres, rather than doing the odd one or two very well and falling over on anothers (as so many brands do) that I felt the need to share my findings.

I totally empathise on the state of the economy - and it is things like this that allow me, for one, to escape the despair and anger at what those in power haven't done in preventing this situation and in my personally justified expenditure, am forgoing many of the other items that people would probably spend their hard-earned on in the current climate.

Here's to better times
Coming back to the topic: the Consensus speakers are great value for money and easily compete with products at twice their price. Depending on your music taste and romm size and quality standard you could be very happy with their entry level model Lightning SE - which I currently use. Don´t know exactly your taste etc. to give you more valuable hints.
Firebird, have you compared Tidal speakers? Same ceramic units, There is no distributor of both in my country, I am thinking to buy blindly either Tidal Contriva SE or Consensus Conspiracy?
Quanmer, I was in the same boat not long ago and after few auditions with Tidal speakers I finally decide to go for the Contriva SE with build in Argento Flow Master Reference cables and top crossover, the ceramic drivers from Accuton in Tidal speakers are specially builded under Tidal specifications.
Gferrari, a pair of Tidal Contriva Diacera SE is on the way to Taiwan, will share with you when they were here.
One friend has Marten Coltrane, we will compare these two as well.
Gferrari, I have audit both, pleasr see my post here :

I got interested reading about this brand, only to find out that Consensus Audio is no longer in business.... Their site is down and it was said elsewhere on 'gon that the company stopped (Frankpiet?).

There are Conspiracies popping up used / ex demo for close to 1/3rd of former list price (in Euro & in Europe that is). Sounds like a bargain? Also, anyone know what the 'L' version is and why there are different floor plates around?

Also, it seems there is a new brand "Artos Audio" ( that carries the exact same line of loudspeaker models, with new name & badge only. The US importer seems to have swapped 'brands' (Consensus => Artos) the same.....

Anyone have the entire story?

Will buying a used Consensus allow for repairs (not presumed under warranties) to be undertaken by Artos, if I need, say, a replacement driver (since they are said to be bespoke / not standard Accuton). That would make buying a mint & used Consensus model very worth while....
About a year ago I looked at Consensus and their re-labled brand Artos Audio.Too much of a crap shoot for the high cost.If you do your research you will find warning after warning about buying these speakers.Way better options in that price range,but if ya like Vegas go for it!!!
I did get involved in the crap shoot and bought a pair of Consensus Passions from dealer in Italy. These are the best speakers I have ever heard. They mate very well with my custom Edge NL 10.2....
Yes Consensus is now Artos with the same designs except internal wiring. Also if you ask you can get upgrades like black ceramics, and extra extra and more extra finishes, as good as or better than Tidal. You can it coated with 100 layers if you ask and costs more money of course. I have had the pleasure of hearing the speakers (Mirage with 4 7 inch ceramics, 1 7 inch midrange ceramic and 1.2 inch diamond tweeter) in Switzerland with ALEH, Orpheus and Octave electronics. Blows away anything by Tidal or Avalon or Magico or anything especially with the ALEH electronics [ 6MHz bandwidth!]Think Avalon resolution with Magico dynamics with pitch definition like Magnepan.....get the drift???
Shubertmaniac...nice comments...I agree with your description at the end. If you think the Mirage is good, you should here the Thunder(Passion)...also best finished cabinets I have ever seen
If anyone has an interest in these speakers and would like to hear them, let me know. Live in Florida…Bob