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Avalon Indra vs Eggelston Andra III
They do indeed use Esotar - apparently a press report went out from Eggleston when they were being released stating they had a different brand tweeter - it is IN FACT the Esotar - sublime.Please contact Eggleston themselves for qualification of th... 
Avalon Indra vs Eggelston Andra III
As an Eggleston Andra 3 owner I can tell you that the Andra's can easily perform the most intimate of acoutic, classical, jazz, etc with ease and an overall musicality that is mesmorising - the andra 2's were good but the 3's have the edge in bein... 
Best amp for Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario?
BAT's get a firm thumbs up from me - 51SE and 150SE's running with SF Strads. Absolute bliss and effortless. 
Accuphase DP75v Vs. Meridian 808.2
Meridian 808.2 by a huge margin. what that player can do for Redbook CD's is nothing short of a miracle. 
Consensus Audio Magma?
Wilson don't even come close personally - over eq'd bass end, overly harsh top end.The Magmas are far more cohesive and sound much more musical than Watt/Puppy and Sasha at similar pricing.I have A/B'ed many times throughout both ranges. 
Consensus Audio heaven
Sorry if I came across in that manner Reubent - not my intention at all.I admit I put a fair proportion of my hard-earned into this hobby but then it is very high on my priorities and something that brings me joy and better escapism than any movie...