Conrad Johnson pv15 vs classic 2 se


I'm trying to choose a CJ preamp for my system and I'd like to know your opinion between the pv15 and classic 2 se. I have a naim xs integrated, but recently got a cj mv60se power amp because I like how cj sounds with totem speakers (I just upgraded from arros to forests). I have a naim stageline phono preamp, rega p3-24 with rega exact 2 cartridge. I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly jazz with vocals and electronic.
I only care about sound quality, convenience or features are not important to me. Which one would you pick and why ?

Thanks all for your responses,

Haven't heard the Classic 2SE but I would recommend the ET3, better still the ET3 SE or CT5 (that strikes a perfect balance between musicality and precision) over the PV15 that IME is a tad too warm.

I have a Classic 2SE and love it......It has been rock solid reliable and it s very quiet.   The PV15 has been discontinued for a couple of years, Spearit had a new one in stock two years ago when I bought my Classic , the Classic 2SE is current in their lineup.    

I auditioned it in a system that was about 50k and it sounded right at home.  It replaced a McCormack RDL 1 which used a digital volume control that I was never really crazy about.    My DAC and Universal player both have remote volume so the lack of remote is a non issue for me, I prefer it stripped down and simple.  Plus the 6922 is a better tube if you want to use NOS tubes there are many choices, plus there are some really good new 6922 tubes in production.   I am currently using a Gold Lion 6922 and it sounds great.  It is hard on tubes, plan on replacing the tube once a year.  Like any preamp auditioning it in your system is a must.....Amps with high input sensitivity and low input impedance may not be a good match...It sounded good with my McCormack DNA 125 but had too much gain for that amp, it would blow you out of your chair with the volume at the 9 oclock pos....It's a much better match with the 40 watt Quicksilver amps I am running....