Conrad JOHNSON Phono Preamps

I’m currently in the process of starting a Vinyl system, Project Classic with Hana SL.

I’ve been looking at primarily a Musical Surroundings Phenomena, but 

I have a CJ ET3 line-stage that I am very happy with. I do not hear anything on CJ phono stages.

are there any CJ phono stages that are recommended? Reasonable prices new or used ?

I have a CJ PV-3 bought used. A bit long-in-the-tooth but still capable of excellent sound! It does have a line stage. But still a great find for a few hundred dollars!
The PV-3 can be used as a phono stage alone by the tape-out jacks!
the PV-5 had a great MM phono stage in its day. Very musical sounding. many of the reviewers used it as their ref piece.
I owned a PV-5, 8, 11 and 12. The 5 was the only the only model I regretted selling. It has quite a cut following.