Conrad Johnson CT6 Teflon upgrade, anyone done/heard it?

As the title suggests I’m a Conrad Johnson CT6 owner, entertaining the idea of the C1 Teflon cap upgrade.

Has anyone done this upgrade or heard a CT6 which has had been Teflonated by the CJ team?


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Buy a CT5 (there's a couple for sale right now on A'gon) and sell the CT6.  The cost difference between the two will probably be less than the upgrade cost and you'll end up with a much better preamp.
Hi Marco, thanks for the input. Have you heard an upgraded CT6?
Hello shertzy

big Conrad Johnson fan here.  You may be the 1st person to own and post info about the CT-6 pre-amp.  How long have you owned it?

What other gear, including cabling, is in your system?
Hi Jafant, yes we do seem to be a rare breed! There must be more of us CT6 owners out there?!!
Its a nice pre, lovely harmonics, voices are sublime, good detail but room for improvement of course, it does most things very well but I'm sure it would really elevate with the C1 Teflon upgrade, just want it from the horses mouth.
Im in Europe so US equipment is priced at a premium, got a good price on the CT6 so with the upgrade would actually fall into the same price range as a used CT5 or 16LS which are very RARE to find in EU, just wondering how it measures up against them? 

Its fairly new to my system which consists of a heavy modified Rega RP6 with audiomods tone arm, Ortofon Rohmann, Jasmine LP2.5, Cary audio DAC200ts w NOS telefunkens, CJ CT6 w NOS Amperex Herleen, Pass Labs x150.5, Sonus Faber Cremona, Sonore power filter/block, Yter speaker cables, homemade interconnects - Mundorf silver gold cables terminated with KLEI absolutes and all Harmonic Tech pro ac11 power cables. Sounds mega but of course half the fun of high end audio is the chase. Now i have a ball and chain i must find my chases elsewhere and audio was the natural progression : )  
Have not heard it with the upgrade.  I did own the preamp at one time though.  Sold it and found a Pr16 that I enjoyed quite a bit more for a number of years.

Also thought about doing the upgrade to my CT 6 before selling it.  At the time I was given the same advise that I gave you.  But I preferred the Pr16 to the CT5.   Won't name names regarding the person who gave me the advise but the company that he worked for had the initials CJ.
Another way to look at it would be to comparre the 17 S2 with Teflon to the 16 without and the CT6 with Teflon to the CT5.   In both cases I think the 16 or CT 5 would be the better option.  
Excellent system-  shertzy

How are you likng the Conrad Johnson/Pass Labs combo?
More audiophiles are turning to CJ and Pass Labs in concert w/ one another.

Do you have a source for the modifications in Europe?

Happy Listening!
Thanks for the info guys. I am thinking of doing this upgrade and others myself as a bit of a project, Jeff from CJ has gone silent on my emails about upgrade inquires so it seems this is the only way forward, it will be massively cheaper and i can put the exact components in to suite my ears needs - detail, musicality and warmth. Watch this space!
Very cool- shertzy.
I will watch this space. Happy Listening!
2nd Note shertzy-

over on Audio Asylum check out the Tweaks/DIY category.
Then look over 'CJ before and after' thread for a very sweet upgrade project by user : cjspu

He has older CJ gear and was still able to change out parts, update and upgrade for better sound.

Let me know your thoughts.  Happy Listening!
Thanks for the heads up Jafant, the guy really went to town on those units, i like it! Something similar is brewing for mine, i have done a bit of research on components, matching etc etc and first stage will be bypass caps, as this was the initial upgrade to be performed by CJ, hope to get it nailed towards the end of the week. They will be teflon so it will take a couple more weeks to gauge the upgrade properly, d'oh!
Have fun and keep me posted -shertzy
Hi peeps,

Update on the CJ - It is now for sale, the idea of an upgrade seemed to to hit a wall of negativity from every angle, Jeff at CJ refused to reply to all my emails on upgrading or giving schematic : s I got in touch with 2 audio engineers to perform the upgrade, neither were interested or thought it a good idea. And what a colossal blessing this is was!

I just bought a modified Supratek Chardonnay pre, modded for 7193 tubes, Jupiter coupling caps, Lundhal transformers, Mundorf S/G/O in power etc and it rock the **** out of any other pre i have had in my system and many i have heard costing far more, in far better systems, i have never heard the stock so i cannot say if that is as good but the one is incredible! 

Happy ending!! : )

TY -shertzy

Happy Listening!