Complete rewiring of SME IV - opinions

I have a 12 year old SME IV mounted on a gyro deck playing with a vDh frog super. I am investigating the possibility of a complete rewiring from cartridge to phono via in Canada. They use Cardas cable for this job as a continuous run which sounds attractive proposition.
Are there fellow vinyl lovers that have done this? What is your opinion? Should I expect a substantial improvement or not. The other option is to go for a simple change to the phono cable leaving the internal wiring intact. Please advice

I did my Rega with the Cardas and as expected its a solid upgrade.  I would expect the same with yours.  
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Thank you for your input. This is great!
Anybody else having an opinion on this? i.e. complete rewiring especially performed on the SME IV?
The major benefit of doing the work would be to eliminate the DIN plug in the signal path.  Whether Cardas wire is the best choice among so many choices is really a matter of taste but since none of us really have a lot of experience that permits conclusions about tonearm wires, Cardas is certainly reputable.  I use cryo treated silver wire in my Reed tonearm, from headshell to phono stage.
I had the Cardas Upgrade completed to my RB250 and it improved things significantly over the standard Rega offering.

I now have an Audiomods Arm, which I believe uses the same Cardas one piece loom also.

The one other upgrade I have made to the loom is the addition of the KLE Innovations Absolute Harmony RCA plugs. You can also try either the Silver Harmony or Pure Harmony - when used for this purpose they will outperform most (if not all) high end RCA’s.

Audiomods review -
Pure Harmony -
Absolute Harmony -

Combined with the one piece loom, the Absolute Harmony RCA’s have elevated the performance to a whole new level, providing significantly more details that really contribute to a more lifelike reproduction of live venue acoustics.

Final upgrade - the Soundsmith version of the Denon DL103 - a massive improvement in details , which  the Cardas Loom conveyed effortlessly  - I have now stopped looking for upgrades - it’s just a superb combination !

Happy to just - listen to the music :-)