Compatible stylus for a Shure V-15 series III

I have asked & it was answered, but I can't locate the answer. I have the above cartridge which is 30+yrs old. I've been told a replacement stylus is no longer available, but someone out there was kind enough to give me the name of an exact replacement. The trouble is-I've misplaced the name of it. It may even be listed, but I can't find it. I would greatly appreciate the answer again to this question.
Try this link:
Dear Handymann: The Mofimadness is one of two alternatives the other one is this:

that the owners of your cartridge say is way better than the original one.

I use a Jico/SAS stylus replacement in my Shure 97Xe and I confirm that is better than the original improving its quality performance.

Regards and enjoy the music,
There are actually THREE different versions available from LP Gear. The regular VN35III ($49.95), the VN35HE ($59.95) and the SAS VN35HE ($99.95). The OP asked just about a regular V15 Type 3. I also agree that the SAS ($99.95) version is the best.
Mofimadness: Thanks for the info-have a stylus on it's way. It's a pleasure to get good positive feedback from informative folks like you. I haven't used my turntable for years. Any suggestions on an economical tube phono stage? (I will use my turntable very sparingly.) Related equipment are as follows: Theta CB3, Krell class A bias power amps and Wilson Maxxes. Won't be spending as much for a comparable phono stage-just want something warm and clear sounding.