Comparisons between AZ Hologram & Audio Note Lexus

Has anybody compared the 2 speaker cables
I'm currently running Jmr trentes and would like to know the differences in opinions of these 2 cables

Your input is appreciated
I have owned both but on different systems and both were terrific. I now own an Audio Note amp and the Lexus with that amp is extremely nuanced with a very expansive midrange, musical is the best word for it. I strongly suspect it would beat the Hologram though, as I am really happy with it. BTW I own Trentes as well.

This is a very informal response as the two different wires were listened to on totally different systems that I owned.

all the best

Thx Philjolet

Would you recommend that I go biwired with the lexus
Is the cost justified in your opinion ?
Yes, go biwired. I just purchased a pair of biwired Lexus for my Trentes and it sounds beautiful!
budrew are yours single bi wired ?

I have a single run and have not heard bi-wire.
Not sure what you mean by single biwired? I have four cables running for each speaker, two positive and two negative. The cost is justified with the Lexus IMO but if you ever go with silver wire then you really have to think about it!