Levinson in Lexus

Just wondering if anyone has heard the Levinson system in the new Lexus (see www.lexus.com/models/ls/preview/). Any thoughts or comments on his entering "car audio"????
It is not 'his' sound system. It is by Mark Levinson the company. Mark Levinson no longer works there, he works at Red Rose Music. Lexus used to use Nakamichi, they were good, but this is quite the step up. I guess I need to bitch to BMW to start using Krell or Classe :)
'ML works at Red Rose'....?? He IS Red Rose! Anyway how do they fit a pair of those huge MADRIGAL ML monoblocks into the Lexus..?? Let alone the preamp, on top of the dash? Periscope optional to see over the pre so you can drive safely.
Nhorton: You are correct in stating that ML is no longer with the company. That part of the statement was just a poor choice of words on my part. I agree with your BMW comment. My Z3 Coupe's system always leaves me with a headache.
It's all Haman International anyway. Who cares if they put an H/K or Infinity or Levinson label on it? Look at the "Take Control" remotes...there's one "Madrigal" model and one "Harman/Kardon" model and yet apppear remarkably similar. My guess is that ML will be little more than a label. All this can do is damage ML's reputation. Thank being said, looking for the 31.5 with a "detachable face" would be very interesting! Oooh not to mention if their system does sound great it could lead to a mass mocking of Bose as "hi-fi" on both a home audio and car audio level!
Nobody puts worse audio systems in there cars than Porsche. I have a 911 and the system in it is a travesty. Regards, Mike
[email protected]cher: I pictured the same thing. I also pictured a pair of Maggie's leaning against the back seat.
FYI--the Lexus system is evidently more than a rebadged Harman Int'l system. I too thought it was just a rebadged Infinity at first, but then read an article in a car audio mag that gave a little history on the idea. It seems that many Lexus execs in Japan are Levinson owners, and wanted to implement it into the vehicle. Madrigal DID actually do a complete design of the system, with all speakers and amps, etc. It includes a center channel, and a sub, and individually amped speakers. Phil Nuzio of Madrigal made many trips to Japan to ensure that the system was done right. The result is apparently the best factory system ever--although I have yet to hear it.
How much does it cost? I know the answer, "If you have to ask...". But since I will not be buying a Lexus anyway, I am curious. I went to hear the Subaru Outback, using the McIntosh stereo, but they did not have any in stock. Just the LL Bean Edition models.
Well, I just bought a new Lexus LS 430 a couple of weeks ago with the Levinson system installed. It's nice, nicer than many factory installed systems I've heard, but it is NOT audiophile quality by any means (and I'm a little disappointed, but after all it is just a car system, albeit a bit on the expensive side.) While it really does have some nice detail (you can here hall ambience, etc.) I find it WAY too bright (for the levels I want to listen at) and much more colored than a good home system. I must say it impresses people when I play it, specially with something with bass, or cleanly recorded, but an audiophile would definitely not be impressed.
If you bought the car just a couple of weeks ago. maybe the system isn't broken in yet.
It is possible Drubin. I too, after reading an article in Mobile audio( or something like that, it used to be car stereo) went and test drove LX-470 (SUV,I have the BOSS, LX-450 ,euipped with Nakamichi.) and sond was much better than my SUV but still not close to my Prelude which is equipped with app 10K and lots of tuning time( much more imp in car than the equipment). The LEVINSON sound definately the best factory furnished stereo, no doubt in my mind. One of the imp aspect of good sound is it can put the driver in the sweet spot by delaying the left signal, which is what I have in the prelude. The SUV did not sound that bright to me. May be it is broken in, May be it has better acoustics than the LS430. Certainly worth the money to an audiophile. In a car like that , most people is not gonna botch the doors,trunks etc with after market gear.