levinson lexus sound?

Has anyone listened to the sound system in lexus vehicles?
What was your opinion to other car audio systems, eg Bose etc.
Heard it a few years ago in an LX470...wasn't incredibly impressed...Car stereos were my thing before home audio so in my opinion, I think that one could do better forgoing the overpriced stereo upgrade and then upgrade it yourself with aftermarket gear.

I haven't heard the Linn systems they are putting in cars now...maybe *they got it right.
I have heard both, the Levinson to me doesnt sound much better than the Bose in my Escalade, however the Harmon Kardon in my Range Rover is the best i have heard ever in a factory unit, one caveat, i have the same system in my Wife's Jaguar XK8 and it isnt near as good sounding, i would percieve this to be because of the space limitations.

I agree the HK system in BMW X5s (exactly the same as Range Rover's of course) sounds great. I haven't heard the Levinson setup though.

I believe the Linn system only comes in Aston Martins...

I have heard levinson in the LX470 also. Not terribly impressed. I would opt (a bit lean on bass side though, but plays very clean) for the Nakamichi premium sound sytstem in the previous model LX450 which I still have. In fact I rate the Nakamichi even better than the HK in my current Mercedes G500. HK has more bass and all but still 'digital sounding' even at low treble setting. Far from state of art. I have auditioned HK in RR and that sounded much better than the Gwagen.

But then may be i was spoiled by my after market all go PPI system in my 88 Prelude. The Nak is still the best car stereo I ever had. Not full range but very musical and tonally correct.
With all the road, wind, engine, transmission and tire noise, why would someone spend that type of money on a car system??? I just don't get it. My friend has Lexus LS430 with levison system in it. It sounds good to me when the car is park in the drive way with the engine off but when the car is on the road it doesn't sound that much different than a reasonablely good system. I rather spend the money on my home system.
I don't like home audio Levenson sound. I'd never let that be a reason to buy a car either.
The levinson stuff in the lexus is so/so, probably about on par with the bose. Pretty boring.

To get good sound in the car, you've really got to go aftermarket, and it is NOT cheap to get sound that an audiophile would find acceptable. I know because I've done it, and wasted a lot of money doing things over and over again when it didn't turn out right.

The most important thing (just like at home) is nailing the speakers and the acoustics. This is not trivial. Start with a good driver - this means a Dynaudio, Scan Speak, Morel, Seas, or Focal. If you are mounting drivers in the door, the door needs to become your speaker baffle/cabinet. It's got to be made extremely dead and non resonant, and internally damped. Ideally, you're going to want to mount your midrange and tweeter in the kick panel, which involves custom fiberglass enclosures.

The 2nd most important thing is making the car quieter. You've got to damp the entire interior of the car, trunk, etc. with dynamat or similar material. Doing this right will decrease the ambient noise by 10db or more easily. While it still won't be completely silent or quiet enough to hear the subtle inflections on solo violin playing pp, it'll get the job done.

The third most important thing is processing. You've got to RTA and EQ and do this in a relatively transparent way. A modded Behringer DCX is ideal, and with this you can drive the speakers actively as well and control the crossovers.

If you are lucky enough to find someone skilled enough to "get it" and do this work, it'll probably cost around $10k - $15k to do it right.

Beware most car audio people. Don't trust them unless you hear their work. They don't "get it" for the most part. Of course there are exceptions, but even "high profile" car audio dealers are not audiophiles.
my folks each have a Lexus.....no big deal on sound, my Bose in the Envoy is not any better or worse. I dont think with even a huge investment you can ever really get great sound in a vehicle, yes some are alot better then others but with half your car being reflective, and the other half absorbing sound, plus all the odd angles sound bounces around why bother? Just enjoy music casually in the car and really enjoy at home.
I auditioned the Levinson systems in both Lexus' that I own and chose to save my money. In motion, I couldn't at all justify the difference in price between the Levinson and factory systems.

Not long ago, I test drove an Acura TL type S. The sales guy went along for the ride, all the while singing the praises of the 'killer' Bose gear on board. He did his best to try to impress me with it, but after I insisted he turn it off, we quietly moved on to more important aspects of the vehicle. I didn't buy it...
I can't comment on the Levinson Lexus, but the standard stereo in our Lexus RX330, beat the Bose in our Rainier. Prior to the Rainier we had an Envoy, with a standard stereo, and it was essentially unlistenable -- horrible midrange!

The big difference between the standard Envoy and Bose Rainier vs the standard Lexus, is a much better midrange in the Lexus.

Prior to the Lexus, I equated auto sound to background/elevator music -- I could take it or leave it. With the Lexus, at times, I find myself actually focusing on the sonics. That's a first for me, and over the years, we've had over thirty new vehicles.
amazing that most replies relate to SUVs.

In my LS430, the Levinson system kicks ass. Flat out tone controls and it sounds really nice. Everyone who has listened to it is very impressed.
I have not heard a system in an SUV that sounded better than the one in a sedan. If you're talking about SUV system, then you may be better off installing something nice if you are that concerned about it. I installed a system in my 4Runner that was pretty impressive. JL Audio speakers, Fosgate amp with an Alpine head unit.

On the other hand, Levinson and Nav in Lexus is one option. I don't think you can get one and not get the other.