Come Back Geoff Kait!

Has anyone heard from Geoff? 

I miss his humour and acerbic wit. 
It's right there.
"why do members keep going back to the Gon ? "
As I stated, he also "had" posts on the AudioGoN loading issue topic, but he deleted them, like I said.  I didn't see the one on  "why do members keep going back to the Gon ? "

Thanks for pointing that out!
C,mon guys, you dont poke the bear........
Sorry ...but I don’t miss the nonsense, puns, or his emoticons, at all...the forums have actually become fun to read again.

I believe that he was almost singlehandedly responsible for the deterioration of this forum.

You can rationalize it all you want...but he was a bully to most and probably turned off a lot of possibly productive posters.

Now there is someone with their head screwed on the right way!