Come Back Geoff Kait!

Has anyone heard from Geoff? 

I miss his humour and acerbic wit. 
I emailed him  about a week ago, no answer
Are you all ill??
Be careful what you wish for!
This dont look good his last post is around 8 july...

COVID19? Which has been deadly for 40% of the 60+ that get sick! 
Something very strange is going on. Look at the time line. GK wiped out a lot of his post and then STOPPED!!!

Who else DID IT?


It's not 🚀 science.

I thought it was common knowledge?

Kaitie left to join his buds, Elvis and Adolf living on the Moon.
I called Geoff and left a message of good will and concern sometime in early August. Look on line every couple of days in Virginia for any news. Tom
Anyone check Area 51 lately?
Let sleeping dogs lie.
There isn't any news on his website:

Kinda agree with checking Area 51, Wright-Patterson and the new Area 52 in Utah.
teo, B.O.C. Love it. I do miss him, I hope all is well.

Hey! Nice to see you posting!
Surgery went well I take it.
Somethings going on here. What are they trying to hide???!
Back to the Future? He was from the future, right?
Maybe his Teleportation tweak actually worked?
I miss him putting the screws to MC
I'll stay quiet and hope.
I miss him putting the screws to MC

Hilariously oblivious.
Millercarbon and Uberwaltz

Grow up

I hope he's alright.I miss his wonderful sense of humor:-)

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09-11-2020 4:09pm

Hey! Nice to see you posting!
Surgery went well I take it.


I went in there with the top of my stomach and the bottom of my throat, ON FIRE. Just like I had boiling oil being poured down my throat. NEVER in my life was I so TIRED, 10 weeks that went on from July 26th.
Until Sept 10.

They started at 0715 hours, within 45 seconds of the 2nd stent being put in. My heart, stomach and throat stopped BOILING, ON THE SPOT.

I've never had anything so BAD, stop hurting so QUICK in my life.

Just like the flip of a switch.

I was treated like a person of great WORTH, there was not a single thing that took place that, the staff didn't handel, in short order.
Extremely professional, and seasoned crews. They new exactly how to calm me down, from check in to check out.

The 3 procedures took less that 15 minutes, from the anesthesia push to unhooking the monitors, and going back to my room.

I remember EVERY single word in that room that was said. Including the serial numbers on the stents... AND a little pinch, now.. You ok?

I was well taken care of... Thanks for the outpouring from everyone, a great bunch indeed.

I feel like working on the Elixirs, finally... 


GK, LOL, something's up I'm tellin' ya.. Something strange has happened.. I'm not saying bad. SOMETHING!!


Happy to read good news about you....

My regards....
They say nobody is indispensable, but GK comes close. Sure hope he hasn't retired or worse. I come here for high-level entertainment, dammit! Worth every penny. With GK aboard I'd feel downright guilty about reading it all for free.
Every one of his suggestions that I could actually manage to pursue left my head shaking in disbelief, with a big smile on my face (from the improvements they made). 
I hope he -and his acerbic wit - are well and happy 🙏🏼
...makes one (or more) want to send out the robot dogs on a search helix.

On the one hand, he 'hit' on a lottery and is having too much fun.

In the other, same scenario gave him an attack and he's parted our midst with a smile on his face.

Either would be acceptable...not knowing wtf is.....a concern, of us, his 'fans'.  I suspect he'd find that of some comfort.

Anybody live near D.C.?
Nice little duplex...
Not up for sale...

Leave a note in the mailbox and see what occurs.

A bit 'forward', perhaps, but curiousity only killed the our knowledge....maybe the Russians 'powdered' him as well...

What did or who did he know?  Fuzzy secrets to behold....

Channel your inner J. Bond....get shaken AND stirred....;)
They say nobody is indispensable, but GK comes close. Sure hope he hasn't retired or worse. I come here for high-level entertainment, dammit! Worth every penny. With GK aboard I'd feel downright guilty about reading it all for free.

Brilliant. Yes so indispensable it took less than 3 months to notice he was old gnus. 
I think he hooked up with Elisabeth and they are holed up in their Love Shack riding out the COVID 
Millercarbon and Uberwaltz

Grow up
In the same breath as MC?

Must try harder.........

But I am amused.

Growing up is so yesterday

Good to hear you came out of the hospital feeling much better Oldhvymec.

And if anybody REALLY wants to know what happened to Katie do the obvious, as I did, ask Admin...duh!

The End!
He has recent audio asylum posts if that helps ease anybody's concerns. 
Post removed 
He should really be posting here.

His ability to withstand the jabs and the pressures from the ’great mentally unwashed’ was/is unparalleled.

As a metaphor, one might say he has a mental postive pH of 14 and the ’negative proofing’ mindset types (definitively not the invention types!) have a mental pH of negative14.

When they mixed, the froth was immediate and continual. The negative would eventually expire or become the unrealized walking wounded (I’m fine, I’ll walk it off!)...and he would remain at +14.

Three quotes from two of our best, that say it all:

From Earnest Rutherford:
"All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then it becomes trivial."

"All science is either physics or stamp collecting."

Too many stamp collectors around here confuse themselves with the idea that they are in the knowing in physics. Physics as an exploration is not trivial. See the first quote for clarity. The trivial is the dogma part that is in the textbooks. It is there for engineers when they build bridges. Huge divide.... and the two cannot mix.

Point: All of high end audio is an exploration. Therefore, keep one’s negative proofing and stamp collecting to one’s self. It has no place here. It is trivial. Let me re-phrase. One uses it to get up to pace or the edge. It’s a map. It is NOT the territory. From that point of being up to date (the book is a map to the edge) where, when arriving at the edge...the book and the data therein.. are all up to being questioned, changed, or even dismissed entirely. THAT is physics. THAT is high end audio.

High end audio is an equation with multiple unknowns and the trivial cannot reach it, nor solve it. The big one being that few seem to understand that human hearing and how this translates to engineering, is very much an unsolved mystery.

If this seems crazy, remember that no one here can explain what reality, or an atom is, or what gravity is, or what time is. The very basis of the carrier for your so called intelligence/being/self... is a giant freaking unknown. So stop it with the bloodclot crying about audio oddities. Jebus.

George Bernard Shaw:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

We need more and more unreasonable men in high end audio, it seems. As we can’t let the trivial people wear us down. Otherwise... progress ends.
Recent posts on Audio Asylum...that's interesting. I do hope that he's well, and it seems that he is then. Maybe someone here angered him and he decided to take a break. We all have a right to post here, but I personally don't miss most of his posts. They weren't what I consider humorous most of the time.
+1 Roxy.

Very little of his posting was what I would call funny, more insulting and degrading imho.
So sorry, nope do not miss him here at all.

In the end his ego wrote a check his body could not cash.
I’d love to see Larry Moe and Curly return. They were very funny and totally harmless to the passing observer.  Shemp too. 
When I first came here, within a few posts GK was attacking me on the basis of science. Trying to correct me on basic science. High school stuff. He at first seemed like just a normal guy confused about a few things. Within one exchange though it was obvious something else was going on. I decided to do some due diligence. A little searching turned up a disturbing record. The only on-line reference from someone who actually met him was he enjoys making fun of audiophiles. The more serious you are about it the more he likes to make fun of you. 

I read through a bunch of his posts. Sure enough, zero helpful info, 100% jabs and barbs. All the humor is at others expense. Its relentless. I don't agree with uberwaltz about much, if anything, but when he says GK was insulting and degrading he is absolutely right on. Never once have I seen him actually offer genuine sincere help or guidance. I mean that. Posted a standing challenge to find a single post to prove me wrong. No takers. There is no such post. He sells springs, sure, and they may even work. But he also was charging hundreds of dollars claiming to make your stereo sound better over the phone. 

Its genuinely dispiriting to see anyone here thinking there was anything good about GK and his 20k posts. There were whole threads, dozens, hundreds, that devolved to nothing more than GK and his little band of babblers back and forthing the most childish insulting barbs. He may have helped a person here or there but for every one he helped, or entertained, I bet there's a dozen he hurt. I would be one. If anyone making a lick of sense had been pushing springs I would have been using them much, much earlier. Because the minute it was explained clearly by someone NOT a loon I latched right onto it. Who knows how many other bona fide great low cost tweaks were tainted and ruined by his incessant insulting "humor". 

I do hope he's alive, but that is all. If I never see another one of his posts anywhere ever it will be too soon.
We need more and more unreasonable men in high end audio, it seems. As we can’t let the trivial people wear us down. Otherwise... progress ends.
I like your post....Thanks...

My best to you....

By the way it is better most of the times to try to look for what is good in a man than underlining only what is bad.... In each of us good and bad are mixed like a pudding... And because of the second law of thermodynamics, nobody can unmix and underlining some of  the ingredients without paying a price..... :)
GKs legacy remains strong if people really believe being unreasonable is a positive thing. Well done!
Between totally unreasonable and being like a sheep, i think that the border is more wide than some dare to fathom; and there is a rythm in all of us, i hope, between eccentric behavior and elliptic rotation.... :)
In a forum like this I tend to differentiate mainly between the constructive and the opposite.   Style really does not matter. 
I did the same like you did.... Perhaps i am more apt to extract positive from what appear negatives only....  :)

I wish you the best mapman.....

At least I now know to avoid AudioAsylum so there is some good come out of this thread at least.

Could be Maghister but didn’t Groucho say something once about if it quacks like a duck....
I dont know what to do myself.... There is no forum where there is not at least someone i dont stand....

I decide to go through and it works..... :)
«Man sometimes quack and there is no duck» - Groucho Marx

«Duck dont quack, but men imitating duck do»- Harpo Marx
Yes forums are what they are. The key is to try to always learn something and hopefully raise the bar of positive discourse and not allow oneself to be dragged into the muck.
You just win the game mapman.... :)

Deepest regards....

Congratulations Maghister.  
You just said the secret woid:  game.    You win 100 audiogon points which buys you a nice fuse.  
Or was that secret word “duck”?   Who knows.